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    Chart-ing Facebook

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 16/05/2016

    » It has been eight years since writer Chart Kobjitti, national artist and two-time SEA Write Award winner, published his book Lorm Wong Khui, a collection of articles written for Si San magazine. Eight years is a long time, especially for fans of various generations who literally grew up with his writing, from the cursed life of Ai-fak in 1981's Khamphiphaksa (The Judgement) that won his first SEA Write award, and the tumultuous story of life, friendship and lots of booze in 1988's Phan Ma Ba, to a miserable account of age and death in a nursing home in 1993's Wela (Time), for which he won the award once again.


    Protest, die, repeat?

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 18/05/2016

    » Sunday marks the second anniversary of the 2014 military takeover, the second coup d'etat in Thailand in a decade and the 12th successful one since absolute monarchy was overthrown in 1932. And three months from now, in August, the highly controversial charter referendum will take place.

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    Blinded by the light

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 25/05/2016

    » As stated in the text, "Oscillation", an exhibition at Chulalongkorn University's Art Center which opened earlier this month, "considers a state of actively moving back and forth between multiple reference points and ideas, during which meanings are produced and reproduced".


    No stars in gunman saga 'reality show'

    News, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 26/05/2016

    » 'You are the star," said Christof to Truman Burbank in the 1998 American satirical comedy-drama hit film The Truman Show. Jim Carrey stars as Truman, a man whose whole life in a constructed reality is broadcast 24/7 to billions of people around the world. "You were real. That's what made you so good to watch."

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    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 01/06/2016

    » Bangkok-based Japanese artist Soichiro Shimizu's latest exhibition, "Re-Looks", is a re-look both at his own art practice and at fellow artists he admires. Currently displayed in the elegant, well-lit YenarkArt Villa is a series of photographs which appear to have gone through practically almost every Photoshop function -- cropped, stretched, resized and collaged -- to the point of total abstraction.

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    Below the surface

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 11/05/2016

    » In The Jam Factory Gallery's current exhibition "Asylum Seeker: The Pond And The Fireflies", artist Prapat Jiwarangsan himself is the asylum seeker, and the pond in question is actually around the house in Chiang Mai in which he took refuge after the 2014 coup. The show is comprised of a video installation, two series of photographs and a few ink-written letters.


    In search of a healthy society

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 25/04/2016

    » The success of Ratchanok "May" Intanon, Thai badminton star who recently won the Singapore Open and became world No.1, is an exception, obviously. The 21-year-old is slightly built, but according to a recent comment by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, success in sports has nothing to do with size but is due to the lack of conflict in the athlete's country.

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    Three shows, three views, undeveloped ideas

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 27/04/2016

    » 'Have you been to Korakrit's show?" This seems a common conversation topic in the art scene for now. This is followed by, "How do you like the show?", and if you don't, it feels like you are up against the contemporary art world, and that's just too much pressure. What's universally agreed, however, is his cushions are really comfortable.


    Who’ll show the elephant out of the room?

    News, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 28/04/2016

    » There's this huge elephant in this room, of which no one -- neither the military government nor the general public -- talks about out loud, and it's one of the most likely explanations why the regime has held on to power as long as it has.

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    Out of the sunlight

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 28/04/2016

    » Every use of the word "sunlight" in Duncan Macmillan's play Every Brilliant Thing, was replaced with "sunset" by director Pawit Mahasarinand in his Thai adaptation, which has just finished its run at Chulalongkorn University's Sodsai Pantoomkomol Centre for Dramatic Arts last week.

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