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    More fun apps for iPhone cameras

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 13/01/2010

    » Although I carry an SLR camera about with me, I find that increasingly I use the iPhone 3G to take pictures, partly because there are now so many apps, allowing special effects to be used easily.

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    Travel guides on your smart phone

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 20/01/2010

    » I am always trying to expand my use of the iPhone, adding to its original design ideas with use of apps: technical evolution, not revolution. The iPhone allows us to use new types of media, for example: traditional media like newspapers and books are declining.

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    Apple iPhone and the future

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 27/01/2010

    » This is a busy week for people following Apple. If you are reading this column on Wednesday, Jan 27, early yesterday Thai time Apple's First Quarter financial results were announced. This was expected to be another good quarter, following high sales over the New Year period: some reports showed a 31 percent increase over the previous year.

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