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    Lessons amid the fun

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 25/04/2013

    » I was unfortunate to have caught a cold just a few days before the long Songkran holidays started. But that didn't stop me from having a good time; I managed to get myself drenched and enjoyed the festival with friends, even if just for a day. (Thai belief has it that if you don't get wet during Songkran, you'll be jinxed for the rest of the year; I was determined to escape that fate!)

  • LIFE

    Breaking the language barrier

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 01/05/2013

    » Sompen Krutanon speaks Khmer as fluently as she does Thai. Born in the Northeast and once a resident of Phnom Penh, she returned to Bangkok two years ago and is now teaching Khmer language courses at Chandrakasem Rajabhat University and privately. In the process she's become a small bridge that can perhaps narrow the perceived difference between the two nations.

  • LIFE

    Messages in mixed media

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 03/04/2013

    » When it comes to art and religion, both have something in common _ power to awaken our mind or lift our spirits. Today, a group of art lecturers are showcasing their works, which explore the relationship between art and Buddhism, and how it connects to people in a contemporary society.

  • LIFE

    Shifting agenda

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 04/04/2013

    » The phenomenon of Facebook users changing their profile pictures to a red equal sign last week might have left some people puzzled, but it has a simple enough explanation. The picture that went viral was derived from the Human Rights Campaign's symbol for equality, which is being used in support of two cases concerning same-sex marriage now before the US Supreme Court.

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    Sea cows to the slaughter

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 06/03/2013

    » At first glance, it appears like any other island in the Andaman Sea: there are white, sandy beaches, a lively village of fishermen, and all a convenient 30-minute boat ride from the Thai mainland. But what makes Koh Libong extraordinary is that it is home to the dugong, the endangered marine mammal.

  • LIFE

    Kaws and effect

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 14/03/2013

    » After its re-launch, Bangkok's shopping destination Siam Center has made a successful comeback with chic interior design and a cutting-edge concept. To go with the new look, Siam Center is introducing "Siam Center World Art Collectors' Exhibition", a showcase to celebrate art and a chance for visitors to experience top-notch pieces brought to Bangkok from collectors' treasure troves.

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    Heartbreaking campaign wins advert award

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 22/03/2013

    » Advertising is often about selling glitz, glamour or gadgets, but it was a heart-rending campaign against child abuse which caught the attention at the three-day Adfest 2013 event in Pattaya.

  • LIFE

    Legalising love

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 26/03/2013

    » Imagine if the person you love has passed away at a hospital but you are not allowed to retrieve the body. Imagine if the person you love is being hurt or abused but you are unable to press charges on their behalf. Imagine if you and the person you love have started a business together but when one of you dies, the other has no rights whatsoever to what you have built together.


    Our future's worth sweating over

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 27/03/2013

    » Judging from the sweat dripping down on to my keyboard, I'm certain Bangkok has become too hot to handle. The phrase "global warming" has echoed in my head over and over, like a chant from hell. It is happening now _ and what luck, we have no way out.

  • TECH

    Add Same-Sex and stir

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 28/03/2013

    » I'm sure many of us have the habit of switching television channels during commercial breaks. So perhaps the mark of true creativity in the ad-making world is when we don't do that _ when a commercial grabs our attention and we stick to watching it instead of shunning it.

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