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    Gardiner's Bach motets impress

    Life, Ung-Aang Talay, Published on 21/08/2012

    » Yet another new recording of Bach's Motets. For years, these pieces, perhaps with the exception of Jesu, Meine Freude, were much less well known than Bach's passions, Mass In B Minor, and the major cantatas and instrumental works, but lately new recordings have been appearing regularly, and lucky we are to have them, because these are among the composer's greatest works.


    Perfect end to Ramadan

    Life, Ung-Aang Talay, Published on 24/08/2012

    » Soi Chokechai 4 is one of those after-dark eating and convening places (Sukhumvit Soi 38 is another) where open-air restaurants and an army of vendors join forces to offer dishes of all kinds to a surging and noisy crowd.


    Going Chinese

    Life, Ung-Aang Talay, Published on 10/08/2012

    » Mention of the word "goose" in the context of Bangkok dining triggers a Pavlovian mechanism in Ung-aang Talay that leads to a mealtime visit either to Chua Kim Heng in Phattanakan or to Kui Tio Pet Jao Thaa across from the Harbour Authority, both of which serve versions of traditional Chinese haan phalo (Chinese-style aromatic stewed goose) so delectable that U-a T had never felt motivated to look further.


    In all Modesty

    Life, Ung-Aang Talay, Published on 22/06/2012

    » There is a type of Thai restaurant here in Bangkok that might not look especially interesting at first glance. The outside is ordinary and unremarkable and the decor inside is simple: tables and chairs that look well-worn but clean and not shabby, menus that have obviously been around for a while, a kind of relaxed, lived-in atmosphere. But a closer look reveals certain details that send special signals to the tutored eye.


    Artful eatery's a real find

    Life, Ung-Aang Talay, Published on 06/07/2012

    » Fai Klom Thana looks so typical and unremarkable among its surroundings on Vibhavadi Soi 11 that, as with so many good small restaurants in Bangkok, it is easy to drive right past it, unaware that high-art cooking is going on inside. But on a recent Saturday afternoon, Ung-aang Talay and food-alert friend AB were on the lookout for the place, following up on a recommendation from a hard-to-please chef who had visited it and left impressed.


    Oodles of flavour

    Life, Ung-Aang Talay, Published on 13/07/2012

    » Long experience has taught Ung-aang Talay (U-a T) to keep expectations low when approaching noodle dishes served anywhere except in certain kinds of roadside kui tio shops and market stalls.


    The curious case of Benjamin Britten

    Life, Ung-Aang Talay, Published on 17/07/2012

    » Benjamin Britten's War Requiem, composed for the consecration of the rebuilt Coventry Cathedral in 1962 (the 14th-century structure had been destroyed by bombs during the Second World War), has been lucky where recordings are concerned.


    On the same page

    Life, Ung-Aang Talay, Published on 25/06/2012

    » Great books have only rarely been made into great films. There are exceptions, most of them based on 19th-century classics, but the memorable movies that had their origins in books of fiction have usually been adapted from lesser novels or from stories.


    Flac downloads delight

    Life, Ung-Aang Talay, Published on 03/07/2012

    » For a long time, downloading music from the internet meant MP3 files, often compressed to the point where every vestige of atmosphere had been stripped from the music. Eventually things improved, with formats introduced that took up more space on a hard disc, but left more air around the music when heard through sensitive equipment.


    Serious about noodles

    Life, Ung-Aang Talay, Published on 01/06/2012

    » The sensibilities of the committed noodle connoisseur are very finely calibrated.

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