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    Happy songkran means happy tourism

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 26/04/2013

    » The international New Year often catches me by surprise. There are just too many things to do at year-end and not enough time to think about the New Year, let alone making a proper New Year's resolution. The Thai New Year, however, is a totally different story. With a long weekend and few social activities, I can usually plan better for myself and others.


    Climate change for the currency market

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 29/03/2013

    » Currency movement is something I have been watching rather attentively this year. The baht has already appreciated about 4% since January, trading around 29.30 to the US dollar yesterday. I cannot help thinking how far we have come from the point when the baht was worth much less _ 50 to the dollar and 90 to the pound in early 1998.


    Bangkok: A dream city at last?

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 22/02/2013

    » As we await the exciting Bangkok governor election on March 3, I have a dream that Bangkok will be full of trees and parks and have good public transport. I have a dream it will take me only 30 minutes (instead of one hour) to go to work and that I will have a choice not to drive to work.


    When gravity shifts: The rise of CLMV

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 25/01/2013

    » As the year begins, the world is still struggling towards recovery. Despite better conditions in financial markets, many high-income economies remain fragile. The World Bank has just cut the global growth forecast for this year from 3% to 2.4%, a slight improvement on 2.3% in 2012.


    Challenging years until the next elections

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 30/11/2012

    » Life is full of challenges and we do not know what lies ahead. The next four years may be a long time for a lot of people, and a lot of things could change. But four years may not be long for the re-elected President Barack Obama, given the fragile recovery of the US economy.


    Reflections on 2012 and beyond

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 28/12/2012

    » Life never turns out the way we expect. This year in particular has ended up worse than I thought it would _ personally, socially and globally. Personally, I did not achieve many of the goals I set out earlier. Socially, I did not get to spend enough quality time with friends or family. Globally, the world is also ending the year on a disappointing note, with lower-than-expected growth and a painfully slow recovery.


    Coping with weaker growth

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 26/10/2012

    » Each quarter, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) assesses the global economy in its World Economic Outlook report. What is particularly interesting about the recent assessment released earlier this month is that despite major central banks' efforts to inject a large amount of liquidity into the world financial system, the IMF lowered global growth expectations to just 3.3% this year from an earlier estimate of 3.5%. This would make the slowest year of growth since 2009, when the world was struggling to emerge from the global financial crisis. It also predicted only a modest improvement in next year's growth of 3.6%, lower than its previous estimate of 3.9%.


    For work, Less is truly more

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 28/09/2012

    » It has been more than five years since I last took a long holiday. For a long time, I have settled for three or four days off. Short vacations are fine, but they are not enough. In fact, time away from the office is important to help you restore creative thoughts.


    Lessons for picking winners

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 31/08/2012

    » The enjoyment I experienced watching the Olympics last month helped make up for the disappointment I felt at being unable to see any of the football matches in Euro 2012. It was a great few weeks, and I enjoyed watching those amazing athletes do a lot of amazing things.


    The risks of risk management

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 27/07/2012

    » Earlier this month, the International Monetary Fund declared in its World Economic Outlook that the global economic recovery, which was already quite weak, had grown even weaker. Growth in major emerging market economies has also been lower than earlier forecast, particularly in China, India and Brazil. Newly industrialised Asian economies such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore are also expected to see slower growth.

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