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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    marraige in thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 09/01/2006, Last updated on: 15/10/2006

    » Contradictor to popular demand, it’s NOT mandatory to have a translator translate the “certificate” from the Embassy when your going to get married. ANYONE according to Thai law can translate it; all they have to do is sign the bottom of the translation. The crap that both the US...

    • Anonymous commented : Can anyone spell out the differences between the requirements between the US and Canada in relation to a registered Thai Wedding? It seems that the US seems to have much easier Immigration rules to take a bride home. Can a Canadian get married to a Thai woman and then bring her to Canada? From all the posts that I have seen, its almost impossible to get a Thai person to immigrate to Canada. Even just a visitor visa, will prevent most Thais from being able to travel to Canada. Wonder if anybody knows why this is? Canada is a country of immigrants, so this makes me wonder, if really its still is?

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Understanding the American ways

    By Anonymous, Created on: 16/10/2004, Last updated on: 28/03/2007

    » I am a Thai lady who left Bangkok at the age of 20, lived in Singapore for 11 years before residing now in the US for the past 4 years. I lived in California for the first year & a half and now I live in Boise, Idaho. Determine to upgrade myself educationally, I enrolled for classes at the local...

    • Anonymous commented : Rad, I am sorry you are having trouble. With out actualy speaking to you I can not comment about the accent. Most Americans feel no ill will to most immigrants. All our people came from them, even the Native Americans have only been here 10,000 years. The people you hang out with have things they like to talk about. If you are interested in fitting in, try to learn what they like. Maybe favorite TV shows or such. I do not think it would be better in Canada, maybe just a different part of the US. On the Florida Gulf coast around Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach there are many Thais and other Asians. I do not think I have ever heard of a problem. Except when the immigrants can not speak English, it gets very tiring trying to carry on a conversation. So if you speak fairly good English and try to assimilate in, you should get along.

    • Anonymous commented : I have spent my whole life in America and some times wonder if even I can adjust to American culture. I think what you are feeling is a sense of isolation which is a normal reaction to American culture. I am in the process of doing the direct opposite of you. I am trying to become comfortable with Thai culture. I have been traveling to Thailand for the past year and have noticed a stark differances between the two cultures. I feel that I will have an easier time to adjust to Thai culture that a Thai can to American culture. When I come back to America from a visit to Thailand I am shocked at how us Americans live. Remember, you come from a counrty that has a rich history for thousands of years. Where 98% of the population are Buddhists. Where maintaining family ties is of upmost importance. Also, Thai's just seem to enjoy life a lot more than Americans do. In short, you have a strong connection to your mother country and its culture. America in contrast does not have the components that make Thailand what it is. We are all immigrants in America. We are made up of many religions and ethnic backgrounds. America is a country that is relative new in terms of world history. We in general, do not maintain the family ties like Thais do. And I think that we, in spite of all our wealth, are not all that happy. Maybe the so called protestant work ethic is the problem. I think we are continually re-defining our culture. What America does has to offer is the opportunity to economically better ones life. I think when it come do to it, it is a trade off. In the short term, I would try to connect with a group that is involved in something you are interested in. I am not sure what options you have where you live. Your idea to move to Canada could be a positive decision. I am in the Seattle area and travel to Vancouver BC from time to time and find to more cosmopolitan than Seattle. Good luck with your journey.

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