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    All that glisters is not gold

    Spectrum, Apinya Wipatayotin, Published on 01/04/2018

    » More than a year after the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) used Section 44 -- the special executive order in the interim charter -- to close Chatree gold mine in the Central Plains region at the beginning of January 2017, conflicts centred on pollution and disputes between the state and the gold mining company are far from over.

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    Second time around

    Spectrum, Published on 01/04/2018

    » Residential condominium prices in prime downtown locations of Bangkok have been reaching new highs almost every six months for the past two years. The increases have driven the cost of ownership beyond the reach of many buyers, which has led to a renewed interest in well-located and well-maintained older buildings in comparably prime locations.

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    Report unfair and biased, claims Akara Resources

    Spectrum, Apinya Wipatayotin, Published on 01/04/2018

    » Cherdsak Uthai-aroon, general manager-external affairs of Akara Resources Pcl, claims the company has been blamed unfairly.

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    Weaving a new way of life

    Spectrum, Dumrongkiat Mala, Published on 01/04/2018

    » Six years ago, a village home to the Khmu hill tribe was devastated by heavy flooding and mudflow in tambon Muaeng Kai of Chiang Mai's Mae Taeng district.

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    Temple dogs a victim of religious commercialisation

    Spectrum, Nattha Thepbamrung, Published on 25/03/2018

    » Temples in tourist hotspot Phuket are experiencing a crisis of identity: are they places of compassion, contemplation and meditation, the spritual and social centres of the community? Or are they tourist attractions, beholden mainly to visitors?

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    On the shoulders of a genius

    Spectrum, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 25/03/2018

    » 'We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star, but we can understand the universe. That makes us something very special," Prof Stephen Hawking told a German magazine in a 1988 interview -- a summary that best describes how special and ambitious we are as humans.

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    Kra Canal advocates continue bid

    Spectrum, Published on 25/03/2018

    » The Kra Canal project connecting the Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman Sea in the South has experienced stops and starts for decades now, with still no strong signs of it moving forward. But one advocacy group of retired military men still cling to the hope it can be done.

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    A shortcut to convenience and cash

    Spectrum, Erich Parpart, Published on 25/03/2018

    » Pakdee Tanapura, head of the Thai Canal study team at the Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association, argued that because of current congestion in the Malacca Strait, the Thai Canal would provide another channel for ships.


    New leasing law: who wins, who loses

    Spectrum, Published on 18/03/2018

    » An announcement in the Royal Gazette on Feb 16 created widespread panic among condominium owners who rent out their assets, condominium developers and apartment operators across the country. It detailed the government's plan to enact a law that will turn residential leasing into a contract-controlled business from May 1.

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    A new Klong Toey: the path of the pigs is no more

    Spectrum, Published on 18/03/2018

    » He got to the Slaughter House maybe a month before she did. She: Ms Teacher. Uncle (although he wasn't "Uncle-old," but with his thick glasses, just kinda looked like you should call him "Uncle") Teacher Gimp. Calling him Gimp didn't seem offensive, although maybe it was, but the kids he taught for months and years in the Slaughter House Slum accepted him for what he was: a gimp, with thick glasses, virtues, and warts and wrinkles, all wrapped up together.

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