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    Faulty culture of travel firms

    News, Editorial, Published on 08/03/2017

    » The first specific details of the programme to replace vans with micro buses for inter-city and inter-provincial passengers are now known. The Central Land Transport Control Board, under the supervision of Deputy Minister of Transport Pichit Akarathit, aims to have 55 buses on the roads by July 1. The pilot project will provide useful information. However, this optimistic report leaves out the single most important point.


    Why migrant women need equality, empowerment

    News, Published on 08/03/2017

    » Becoming a migrant is an increasingly common life and professional choice for women in Asia. According to the United Nations' Department of Economic and Social Affairs, women now account for 42% of the total number of migrants in the region.


    Warehouse security: a cost-benefit analysis for 'bonded' goods

    Business, Published on 08/03/2017

    » Global businesses undertaking their own international distribution are likely at some point to consider whether they should license some of their distribution centres to hold imported products on which customs duties and taxes have not yet been paid. While there are added costs associated with licensing fees payable to local customs agencies, and further compliance costs to ensure adherence to local customs laws, there can be substantial savings from being able to defer potentially large import duty and tax payments until closer to the time that the goods are on-sold.


    Drop coins elsewhere

    News, Postbag, Published on 08/03/2017

    » Re: "Vets find 900 coins in turtle's stomach", (BP, March 7).


    'Flipping' education reform

    News, Published on 08/03/2017

    » Thailand has many times attempted to reform its education system through a top-down approach by overhauling the Ministry of Education and tweaking some laws and regulations. It was hoped that this would eventually improve the learning outcome in all schools.


    Without people, Mahakan will be 'dead'

    News, Ploenpote Atthakor, Published on 08/03/2017

    » As the Mahakan Community conflict drags on, <b>PLOENPOTE ATTHAKOR</b> talks to Chatri Prakitnonthakan, a lecturer at Silpakorn University's Architecture Faculty, who conducted a study on the community in 2006.

  • LIFE

    The women of Wanita

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 08/03/2017

    » Nine years ago, Ropita Mahamat almost lost her son in a shooting incident, a dishearteningly familiar story in the Deep South. One night at 9pm in Pattani, her son was picking a relative from a pondok school when unidentified gunmen opened fire on him -- or, more likely, on someone else, though the bullets hit him. This circumstance, like so many similar ones in the region, was never clearly explained.


    HomePro mulls CLMV investment

    Business, Nuntawun Polkuamdee, Published on 08/03/2017

    » SET-listed Home Product Center Plc (HMPRO) is considering expanding to neighbouring countries with a total investment budget of 6-7 billion baht, says Rakpong Aroonwatdhana, HomePro's head of investor relations.

  • TECH

    BeatsX: Not the phones I am looking for

    Life, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 08/03/2017

    » When Apple announced the AirPods, the W1 chip was also for Beats devices, including the BeatsX earphones. Like Apple AirPods these were delayed several weeks. When the BeatsX were finally available I ordered a pair in blue (5,900 baht), from the Apple Store online. They arrived last week and are also in iStudio stores, although availability is limited.


    UK government advice: Forget coal

    News, Published on 08/03/2017

    » Building a coal-fired power plant is not the right choice for Thailand at a time when moving to a low-carbon society is the global trend, an expert from the UK says.

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