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    Big snake and a cabin possessed

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 27/04/2012

    » The name that looms larger than anybody else's here is Dan-aran Saengthong. Asorapit, or Venom, has been filmed _ and augmented, to a wonky outcome _ from the writer's 47-page novella, a black satire on faith and superstition that bears down on readers with the banner of magic realism. Dan-aran is Thailand's modernist master, inspired as much by Joyce and Marquez as by old Thai scribes, and his international reputation is solid; his most famous book, White Shadow, was translated into all major European languages. Venom first appeared in the English version serialised in the Bangkok Post (translated by Marcel Barang), and later in Thai, in which readers are seduced and terrified by the story of a boy and a vicious cobra set in a village where a shaman reigns like a godhead.

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    Silenced speaks volumes

    Life, Plalai Faifa, Published on 27/04/2012

    » It would be hard to think of many subjects uglier than the one surveyed in excruciating detail by director Hwang Dong Hyuk in this film. Adapted from a novel by Cong Jee-yeong that was in turn based on actual events that took place in Korea in the mid-1990s, Do-ga-ni centres on a Korean school for deaf children where the students are routinely beaten and raped by the teachers and staff. It follows the events through a young teacher who discovers the extent of the abuse and then finds that all attempts to stop it are frustrated as the local police and Christian community close ranks to protect the offenders.

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    Oyster leaf

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 27/04/2012

    » Acommonname formertensia maritima aka mignonette, a wild plant that grows on European coasts. The oyster leaf has gained in popularity over the past few years since the worldfamous Spanish chef, Ferran Adria, served this tiny fresh green herb at his Michelinstarred molecular gastronomy restaurant, El Bulli.

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    10 Seats, One of a kind

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 27/04/2012

    » One of the downsides of being a veteran food journalist is that it's getting harder and harder each day to find a restaurant visit that can really "electrify" your entire gastronomic experience. Being offered professionally cooked food several times a week, your palate tends to take deliciousness as a norm too easily.

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    Favours from land and sea

    Life, Pamela Tan, Published on 27/04/2012

    » Joe Prasobsook Thawilvejjakul, president of the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, presided over this year's annual gala dinner for 80 members and distinguished guests at The Residence of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel. The elegantly presented feast also gave him an opportunity to welcome new members to the Chaine and honour individuals who have made outstanding contributions to this international association which celebrates the art of fine cuisine.

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    Barbecue with Brazilian flair

    Life, Published on 27/04/2012

    » A Brazilian culinary concept involving the flamboyant presentation of barbecued food, churrascaria begins with a buffet of cheeses, smoked meats, salads and other antipasti. Skilled meat-carvers called cortadores then come to your table with skewers of different cuts of seasoned meats. These include: picanha, a popular prime cut from the sirloin; filet mignon, that succulent and very tender cut from the tenderloin; costela (grilled beef ribs); and coxinha, (chicken croquettes).

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    Paralympian looks to London for gold

    Life, Published on 27/04/2012

    » While Olympic champions become household names in Thailand, gold medal-winning athletes with a disability often remain unknown and do not always receive the same recognition or financial rewards as their able-bodied compatriots.

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    Singto joins stage spine-chiller

    Life, Kanokporn Chanasongkram, Published on 27/04/2012

    » In Si Phaen Din: The Musical, Singharat "Singto" Chanphakdee portrayed the sweet and youngest son of Mae Ploy, whose life spanned across four reigns, from the reign of King Rama V to King Rama VIII.


    Monk ordination on elephant-back in Surin

    Life, Pichaya Svasti, Published on 27/04/2012

    » Ban Ta Klang in Surin province is Thailand's largest elephant village and where elephant raising has been passed down through generations for centuries. People here speak the Kui language and have well-preserved their ancient culture and traditions, such as the worshipping of ancestors before capturing wild elephants and the wedding and monk ordination procession on elephant-back.

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    Nissan renews Corolla battle

    Life, Richard Leu, Published on 27/04/2012

    » Sylphy is deemed a better contender than the Tiida Latio saloon

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