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    The lost scavenger

    Spectrum, Father Joe Maier, Published on 13/05/2018

    » From the second floor window of their flat, Pretty Molly sees her slum scavenger husband returning from a day of foraging. Her snippy stray mongrel barks excitedly as Pretty Molly begins shouting out the window to him.

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    A life in limbo

    Spectrum, Published on 06/05/2018

    » It is Monday morning in Suan Phlu, Bangkok. Its streets as busy as usual -- motorbike taxis rushing by, vendors selling fruit on the corner, a Koel singing its annoying song and someone somewhere cooking fish. The city is full of life. And yet, just a few hundred metres from the air-conditioned cafe in which I am sitting, more than a thousand men, women and even children are deprived of the ability to take part in this life. Seen from the soi's main street, the unassuming complex bears an equally unassuming sign which reads "Immigration Bureau". The building conveys little of the reality behind it.

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    Shark-bite fame, or bust

    Spectrum, Published on 29/04/2018

    » Sai Noi Beach in southern Hua Hin is usually packed with tourists in the summer due to its powdery white sands and pristine blue waters, but over the past two weeks this normally bustling beach has been almost deserted. Beachgoers started avoiding the place after a foreign tourist was recently attacked by a bull shark.

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    An unloved conservation cause

    Spectrum, Apinya Wipatayotin, Published on 29/04/2018

    » The threat posed to the world's declining shark population is underlined by the startling figure that 73 million sharks are killed each year for fin shark soup, according to the US-based international agency against then illegal wildlife trade, WildAid.

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    Rail service on track to crisis

    Spectrum, Om Jotikasthira, Published on 29/04/2018

    » 'The government can build all the new railways it wants, but the wheels on the trains will never turn if there are no drivers to operate them," warns Yai, a State Railway of Thailand (SRT) train driver on the verge of retirement.

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    The dawn of digital banking

    Spectrum, Somruedi Banchongduang, Published on 22/04/2018

    » When out at any shopping mall, it's common for consumers to use anything from credit cards to e-wallets when making purchases nowadays. But when it comes to traditional markets, or talat nat, found faraway from these commercial venues, it's only been recently that one can catch sight of these types of transactions taking place.

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    Getting to graduation with leaps, rebounds

    Spectrum, Father Joe Maier, Published on 22/04/2018

    » Dressed in graduation cap and gown, pink ribbons in her hair, Miss Pu Glin posed for her first-ever official photo looking regal and confident. She even had a hint of swagger.


    Green Kiwis tap Thai market

    Spectrum, Published on 15/04/2018

    » How can a nation of only 4.5 million provide so much sustenance for so many people around the world? The colour green is the answer. New Zealand's national image of being a "green and clean" country is a major factor driving its massive export growth in countries including the Thai market. Thai demand for New Zealand's commodities has grown significantly over the past 10 years.

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    Conservation a victim of its own success

    Spectrum, Dumrongkiat Mala, Published on 15/04/2018

    » According to the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department (DNP), there are between 3,500 and 4,000 wild elephants roaming the forests of Thailand and the number is expected to increase due to conservation efforts.

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    All quiet on the southern front?

    Spectrum, Maluding Deeto, Published on 08/04/2018

    » Positioned as a pilot province under the government's "triangle economy city model" in the far South, Yala's Betong district has recently been delisted from the region's severe emergency areas to pave the way for the scheme, which is aimed at bolstering the local economy and enhancing residents' livelihood.

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