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    Revenue Department tweaks rule with opt-out

    Business, Published on 24/04/2019

    » The Revenue Department will adjust its disclosure requirement by asking depositors who do not want their interest income information to be submitted to the department to declare their intention to banks.


    Ukraine has nothing left to lose in latest vote

    News, Gwynne Dyer, Published on 24/04/2019

    » Ukraine has a new president, and he's a comedian! Oh, wait a minute, that's not such a big deal. Guatemala was the first country to elect a comedian as president: Jimmy Morales, back in 2015. Although Mr Morales turned sort of serious once he took office: he's a right-wing nationalist who supports the death penalty and opposes abortion. Whereas Volodymyr Zelensky hasn't turned.


    Greying nation must talk about death

    News, Published on 24/04/2019

    » We may not know when death will strike, but we can certainly choose to have a good death. However, if you don't know how to do it, you are not alone.

  • TECH

    It's zoom time!

    Life, Komsan John Jandamit, Published on 24/04/2019

    » Huawei, even though in hot water in many countries, produces outstanding phones year after year with unique features in nearly every one of their top phones. The Huawei P30, the cheaper version of their top-of-the-line P30 Pro series, has an on-screen fingerprint reader and a 5x optical zoom capability.

  • LIFE

    A plea for pot

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 24/04/2019

    » Despite the controversy over medical cannabis in Thailand, the country's first-ever marijuana expo was organised last weekend in Buri Ram and was well received by participants. The three-day fair with a 20 million baht investment attracted not only those who have experience in using weed but also people who were sick and wanted to use medical marijuana as well as people from many parts of the country, policemen, soldiers (both in uniform and undercover) as well as foreigners.

  • LIFE

    A regal affair at Emporium, EmQuartier

    Life, Patcharawalai Sanyanusin, Published on 24/04/2019

    » To mark the auspicious occasion of the upcoming royal coronation of HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun, the Emporium and EmQuartier are holding an exhibition titled "Under His Peaceful Reign, Praise The King" at the Emporium Gallery, M floor of Emporium, from today until May 12.

  • TECH

    How to get the most out of online reviews

    Life, Published on 24/04/2019

    » In the world of online shopping, often buyers will purchase an item only after they see that other people also like it. And the easiest way to find out consumer sentiment? You guessed it: reviews.

  • TECH

    Universal sounds, universal sights, universal rights

    Life, James Hein, Published on 24/04/2019

    » Those reading my columns for long enough will know that I play the guitar. I'll never be Eric Clapton but I'm OK. Among the sources I use to improve my technique or break down a difficult lick are the helpful people that post guitar tutorials on YouTube. That could be about to change.


    Not a high crime

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 24/04/2019

    » At the age of 71, Daycha Siripatra needs no eyeglasses. His nearsightedness and astigmatism are things of the past. His hands that once showed an early sign of Parkinson's disease have no tremor. He says his brain, which once began to deteriorate, is now sharp.


    Thailand's fight to eliminate malaria by 2024

    News, Published on 24/04/2019

    » This year's World Malaria Day theme, "Zero Malaria Starts With Me" re-energises the fight to eliminate malaria which, despite being a disease that is preventable and treatable, still kills over half a million people every year.

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