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    New innovative thinking for new problems

    Arinya Talerngsri, Published on 12/06/2017

    » I want you to ask yourselves this question: How many hours a day do you have to spend in countless and possibly unnecessary meetings? How often have you left these meetings doubting that anything was really going to change?


    Former communists to receive B1.4bn

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 12/06/2017

    » The government will next Wednesday hand out a total of 1.4 billion baht to 6,183 ex-comrades in "pocket money", as a parting gift to former members of the now-defunct Communist Party of Thailand (CPT).


    Life sciences gain focus as 4.0 shift gets under way

    Business, Yuthana Praiwan, Published on 12/06/2017

    » With strong support from the government and research institutes, the life sciences sector is shaping up as a rising Thai industry with higher value, according to researchers and innovation experts.


    A beacon for tolerance

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 12/06/2017

    » Smartly but casually dressed with a hint of colour, British Ambassador to Thailand Brian Davidson descended from the second floor of his residence within the British embassy on 14 Wireless Road and greeted us with a smile and quick hello. Soon, we found ourselves sipping iced lemonade inside a green room. A framed portrait of a beaming Queen Elizabeth II gazed down from the wall.


    Is a property crash on the horizon?

    Business, Published on 12/06/2017

    » Over the past several years, concerns have been periodically raised about the possible re-emergence of a bubble in the Thai housing market, particularly on the back of condominium oversupply in Bangkok and a continued surge in land prices.


    War on waste: another promising infrastructure frontier

    Asia focus, Published on 12/06/2017

    » As countries across Asia figure out how to deal with growing piles of trash, many are investing in waste management infrastructure to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfills. The increase in waste generation is linked to the rise in population, urbanisation, income levels and industrialisation, all of which are happening at a fast pace in Asia. According to a World Bank estimate, waste generation in Asia is expected to more than double by 2025.


    Online trading evangelist

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 12/06/2017

    » It was quite a leap from a home-cleaning business to foreign-exchange trading, but Mario Singh has since channeled his curiosity and enthusiasm for the world of currencies into a rewarding career as a high-profile investor and educator. Now one of the prominent forex analysts and trading coaches in Southeast Asia, the founder of the online brokerage Fullerton Markets loves sharing his insights with others.

  • AUTO

    2017 Mini Cooper Countryman review

    Life, Richard Leu, Published on 12/06/2017

    » A three-pot turbo now sufficiently propels Mini's second-gen SUV in Cooper form, but the price and specification balance could have been better.


    Proposed changes in corporate tax filing raise questions

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 12/06/2017

    » What if a company were required to file a corporate income tax return for each place of business using the same method as for filing a VAT return? As provocative as it sounds, the question is no longer hypothetical.


    Waste not

    Asia focus, Published on 12/06/2017

    » Mention food waste, and most people will picture people in wealthy countries throwing away half-eaten meals. But the waste of food that never makes it from the farm to the table is a far bigger calamity. Solving this problem could go a long way toward easing hunger on a global scale.

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