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    Brains and Brawn

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 21/02/2010

    » Samsung recently released the Omnia Pro B7610, landing with an oversized thud squarely in the slide-out keyboard, touch screen class of phones. Most manufacturers are still making a sliding qwerty model, and although the units have oversized dimensions by their nature, the trade-off is enhanced usability, which seems strange in a market obsessed with compactness.


    No sex please, We're Thai

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 28/02/2010

    » As I write this, a Thai soap opera is going on in the background on my non-flat television. A handsome man in a dirtied shirt is staggering and holding a gun. He is clearly distressed - not through any acting talents, god forbid, but his shirt isn't tucked in and that's a dead giveaway in any Thai soap. His hair remains perfectly combed, and facial features remain as rigid as those of a khunying shuffling out of an Emporium botox clinic.

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    Pretty in Pink

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 28/02/2010

    » Sony continues its assault on the competitive portable computing market with some colourful offerings in the new mid-range CW series. The series seems to have achieved the difficult task of maintaining the high style bar Sony have set while taking the sting out of the price tag, which many users might say is overdue. "So, what's the catch?" a discerning shopper might ask. Let's take a look at the CW26FH to see if Sony have their strategy right to help them get back into profit this quarter.


    What's in a name? Plenty in this country

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 17/01/2010

    » There is a building not far from my home in salubrious Samut Prakan that I happen to pass whenever I take a shortcut to Sukhumvit Road. It's a boring, designless concrete factory or shop or something or other. And out the very front, in very big letters, is the name of the business: "NEWISH GERMS".

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    Heading for the finnish line

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 17/01/2010

    » Although the sands are shifting under the mobile phone market, Nokia still manages to hold on to the No1 handset manufacturer slot despite its eroding market share (about 38%).


    It's just not cricket (I Wish)

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 03/01/2010

    » I write this from a dark corner of my bedroom in my mother's holiday unit in Marcoola, Queensland, a room to which I have retreated in order to escape the scourge that infects this otherwise idyllic Australian holiday I'm enjoying this week. It's cricket, and I can't escape it.

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    New Asus Scores a 10 for Style

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 03/01/2010

    » A little over two years ago, Asus appeared on the scene with a model that was to start a new era of laptops - the netbook generation. Since then, many manufacturers have followed suit, releasing a myriad of models of various specs and sizes. Asus continues its epic EEE PC series with the recent release of the 1008HA model, but can they continue to shape the genre of laptop that they practically defined?


    An ode to the service industry

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 10/01/2010

    » This is a column for my Thai readers only. That's because I want to teach them a lesson about their service staff. I want to make a complaint and I want Thais to sit up and take notice. Simply put ... what on earth has happened to good ol' service these days? I'm talking about restaurants.

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    The new face of Desktop Computing

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 10/01/2010

    » The user interface of computing continues to evolve in 2010 as manufacturers look to push into new markets, while consumers are ever-more aware of their budgets. As laptops get smaller in the gripping netbook craze, (largely considered to be started by Asus in 2007 with the release of the first EEE PC) desktops are becoming more compact, manageable and stylish in a trend towards all-in-one machines (set in motion by Apple with the iMac G5 in 2004). Recently, HP appeared on the all-in-one scene with the release of the MS217D desktop, but have they balanced the budget-to-performance ratio with the expectations and needs of home users? Let's take a closer look.

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