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    Ready ... Aim ... Fire!

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 04/12/2011

    » Just when the tablet war was beginning to look like a foregone conclusion, online retail giant Amazon has emerged with a new tablet in an attempt to steal some of the attention away from the Apple iPad. The company's pitch is transparent enough _ get its product in everyone's hands and control the content flow from its online store. But it's an effective strategy, and a win for consumers too.

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    Terminal or Everlasting?

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 18/12/2011

    » It's hard to believe, but my tech friends have declared HP's prognosis terminal. But while the other sectors of the multinational diverge, the company's PC manufacturing arm seems to be ticking over. HP continues with its Pavilion notebooks, the middle-class compatriot of the snazzy Envy range, with a new series of PCs. The specifications look impressive on paper, but do they deliver anything new to the series that is starting to become a little long in the tooth? Let's see if HP's persistence with the Pavilion series can increase the manufacturer's longevity.

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    Torch or Fireball?

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 25/12/2011

    » It's been a tough year for RIM. This week, it quashed rumours about a possible buyout by Amazon, but its fortunes in 2011 haven't turned around and the manufacturer finishes the year with the theft of 5,200 PlayBook tablets in the US. In an attempted resuscitation of its BlackBerry line, RIM has come back strongly with some tempting new releases sporting a new OS (see Brunch, Oct 9, for the Bold 9900 review), with the Torch 9860 being part of that batch.

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    3D Showdown

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 23/10/2011

    » Although the recent bout of 3D hype has tapered off a little in other arenas, phone manufacturers have begun loading their releases with the technology. All the Asian manufacturers seem to be interested in at least testing the waters, and following the (surprising) lead of Sharp last year, HTC, LG and now Samsung are all in the game. But the longevity of the technology is questionable. While phone screens are bigger and brighter than ever, do people really need such technology in their pockets? Let's look at some of the new releases to see if it's just another terminal phone gimmick, or really the future of the game.

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    iPhone, Therefore I am

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 30/10/2011

    » The two biggest items of tech news this month both came from the Apple camp in the US. Firstly, we lost visionary Steve Jobs, who was in worse health than anybody realised. Secondly, we gained a new iPhone model, the 4S, which seems to pre-empt the much-anticipated iPhone 5 that has been running on the rumour mill for months.

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    Style Wars

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 20/11/2011

    » Not to be left behind by the wave of Android popularity and the force of the iPhone, Nokia has stood up again with an enticing new smartphone release _ the N9. Following in the footsteps of the N8 of late last year, the Finnish manufacturer is once again proving its worth at the top end of the market.

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    Professional Paradise

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 13/11/2011

    » Canon has raised the DSLR stakes once again with the announcement of an epic new release. Although it's not quite the camera for the everyday snapper, the EOS-1D X will garner massive interest as the manufacturer's new flagship model.

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    To 3D or Not to 3D

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 06/11/2011

    » Samsung's 9 series offers an enticing take on the third dimension

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    Mid-Range maidens

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 11/09/2011

    » Last month, Nokia wedged a claim in the low- and mid-range smartphone markets with three new releases _ the 600, 700 and 701 _ proving the Finns aren't quite finished yet. The company's pitch is spearheaded by the new Symbian OS on board, named Belle. It's surprising since the company recently made a deal with Microsoft for its mobile OS. Nokia is also equipping its new phones with an NFC (near field communication) chip that can be used for payments. So why is the manufacturer continuing with its Symbian OS that has come to be deplored by many users? And will the on-board NFC chips help it return to its former glory? Let's peek at the new models to find out.

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    BOLD but beautiful

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 09/10/2011

    » Just when it looked like RIM had bowed down to the smartphone competition, the manufacturer reasserts itself with five new models, two of which give the old Bold a makeover. BlackBerries are famous for their business leanings, but were catapulted into the crossover market when a certain celebrity was snapped with one by the Thai paparazzi.

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