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    JKN ramps up digital offerings

    Business, Nanat Suchiva, Published on 31/05/2016

    » JKN Global Media Co, a content management and distribution company, will supply more content to digital TV channels amid growing competition.


    Why 'Fly Thai'?

    News, Postbag, Published on 31/05/2016

    » Umesh Pandey's opinion editorial on Thai Airways in today's Asia Focus was spot on.


    End of history and the last man standing

    News, Mark Leonard, Published on 31/05/2016

    » Much of modern geopolitics seems to be following the plot from Game of Thrones, with many countries under so much political and economic stress that their only hope is that their rivals collapse before they do. So their governments cling to power while exploiting rivals' internal weaknesses.


    New land law badly needed

    News, Editorial, Published on 31/05/2016

    » There appears to be some good news in the offing for some of the country's hardest working, often set-upon groups. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is requesting that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and his cabinet revoke the current law on forest encroachment. That is excellent news, because the present-day enforcement is unacceptable. The state deserves its land, but not at the cost of abusing citizens.


    Justice fails test in temple stand-off

    News, Atiya Achakulwisut, Published on 31/05/2016

    » No matter how it turns out, the stand-off between the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and Wat Phra Dhammakaya has underscored a combination of extreme conviction and weak enforcement of the justice system that has underpinned Thailand's many crises.


    IFEC branches out from energy with hotel buys

    Business, Busrin Treerapongpichit, Published on 31/05/2016

    » SET-listed Inter Far East Energy Corporation (IFEC) has outlined its business strategy after adding hotels and hospitality to its portfolio, says chairman Wichai Thavornwattanayong.


    Tax losses and BoI-promoted businesses: a cautionary tale

    Business, Lawalliance Limited Company, Published on 31/05/2016

    » All that glitters is not gold. While the tax incentives granted to businesses promoted by the Board of Investment (BoI) are dazzlingly attractive, ambiguities in the statutory provisions often bring about dreadful tax results in the end. Look no further than recent court cases involving carried-forward tax losses sustained by BoI-promoted projects.


    Scourge of illicitly traded tobacco

    News, Ernesto Savona, Published on 31/05/2016

    » In medicine, a doctor's most fundamental approach to patient care is to first do no harm. For governments around the world, tobacco control is a central public health goal. Unfortunately, in pursuit of an objective, with which no one can argue, governments sometimes ignore the doctor's creed to do no harm, and embrace well-intentioned efforts that yield the opposite of their desired effect.

  • LIFE

    No smoke without fire

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 31/05/2016

    » World No Tobacco Day or not, anti-smoking campaigns have been initiated and carried out here, there and everywhere. But in reality, an abundance of activities is one thing. Effectiveness is another.

  • LIFE

    Out of the woods and into the woodwind

    Life, Harry Rolnick, Published on 31/05/2016

    » One of the world's most esteemed flute-players, Jasmine Choi, has led a life of almost unstoppable blessings. So she can ignore the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who hated the flute ("It's too exciting," he moaned), or Shakespeare ("Oh, that vile squeaking!"), or even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who wrote his father about the flute's "dreadful sound".

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