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    You can't rely on luck to end road carnage

    News, Ploenpote Atthakor, Published on 20/12/2018

    » The numbers never lie; the state's efforts to tackle road fatalities have paid off. According to the Road Safety Group Thailand, the country's ranking improved from No.2 in the world, with 36.2 traffic-related deaths per 100,000 people, to No.9, with the deaths being reduced to 34:100,000.


    Justice fails rape victims

    News, Editorial, Published on 20/12/2018

    » Reports of an alleged gang-rape of a 12-year-old girl in Saraburi province have dismayed the public over the past few days, not only because the incident was so appalling in its nature but also because of police leniency towards the suspected rapists.


    Time to rethink energy conservation plan

    News, Published on 20/12/2018

    » The national Power Development Plan (PDP) for 2019-2027 has been opened for hearings -- and is about to be concluded -- this month. Yet, questions remain about the plan's content, particularly the proposed massive cuts to the energy conservation goal, and the hearing procedures.


    Yes, Russia abused Facebook. But did it actually work?

    News, Leonid Bershidsky, Published on 20/12/2018

    » Russia's propaganda operations during the 2016 US presidential election were broader than previously thought, according to two recently published studies. But they don't provide proof the influence campaign was as effective as the Kremlin may have hoped. Both reports, based on data provided by social networks, combine a distrust of the companies' disclosures and a naive trust in the metrics they tout.


    On climate change, take risks or pay the price

    News, Gwynne Dyer, Published on 20/12/2018

    » Global warming is physics and chemistry, and you can't negotiate with science for more time to solve the problem: more emissions mean a hotter planet. Dealing with the problem, however, requires an international negotiation involving almost 200 countries. In big gatherings of that sort, the convoy always moves at the speed of the slowest ships.


    Yemen peace bid misses vital factor

    News, Published on 20/12/2018

    » As Yemen's warring parties met in Sweden last week, hopes were high that these peace talks -- the first since 2016 -- would spark a political process to end the ongoing conflict that has left the country on the brink of famine and created what the UN calls a "living hell for millions of children".

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