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    Plastic Girl opens Thong Lor Art Space

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 16/10/2014

    » Pattareeya Puapongsakorn is undoubtedly the most promising young playwright on the Bangkok scene today. Back in July her play The Plastic Girl In The Fantastic World premiered at Take Off Festival for fresh university graduates. It was the only production from the festival (so far) picked up by theatre professionals and refitted in a flashier production with an entirely new cast of Thailand's top comedic actors — and is now known as Plastic Girl. It was chosen as the play to officially open a stylish new performance venue, Thong Lor Art Space, which has already been hosting and producing several programmes of short performances since May.

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    Gruesome torture relived with both barrels

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 06/11/2014

    » Almost right after I watched Teerawat "Kage" Mulvilai's solo performance Satapana: Iceberg, I came across Chinese artist Liu Bolin's Hiding In The City performance/photographic series in a book entitled Liu Bolin.

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    Playing with roles

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 04/12/2014

    » Two plays and a dance opened in Bangkok last Thursday. All three of which required their performers to play multiple roles.

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    Ladies, lies and languages

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 09/04/2015

    » A pair of screeching nang itcha (female antagonists, literally "jealous women"); a beauty pageant full of eccentric, barely literate contestants; one ballad after another; and a romantic Pretty Woman-like ending.

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    Life on the small stage

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 13/05/2015

    » Three new English-speaking theatre companies in Bangkok make a name for themselves.

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    Stunning visuals with a Thai-French flavour

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 25/06/2015

    » The final La Fete, a French-Thai cultural festival, drew to a close last Saturday. For years, the festival provided the city its staple of wonder-filled and visually inventive dance and new-circus performances from France. It also occasionally supported experimental works by local artists.

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    The Metamorphosis

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 20/08/2015

    » What would you do if you woke up one morning to find out that your own child had turned into a robot? How would you interact and coexist with something that speaks, thinks and feels like a human being yet does not look in any way human, not even a living creature?

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    What it is to be human

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 27/08/2015

    » For some of us, many of us even, a future in which we exist alongside robots so advanced they seem to have a mind of their own and bear a cunning resemblance to humans is a scenario that resides only in the realm of the imagination -- a stuff of entertainment, an overexploited narrative.

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    Opera meets reality

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 22/10/2015

    » Despite the obstacles often faced by new small theatres companies here in Bangkok, especially the English-speaking ones, Culture Collective Studio handled their second production with impressive grace.

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    A colourful unpeeling of youth sexuality in Paula Vogel's play

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 10/03/2016

    » After the success of The True History Of The Tragic Life and Triumphant Death Of Julia Pastrana, The Ugliest Woman In The World, Peel the Limelight returns with another thought-provoking and emotionally nuanced play, Paula Vogel's 1998 Pulitzer Prize–winning How I Learned To Drive. At once gentle and disturbing, funny and poignant, the play tells the story of Li'l Bit and her unusual relationship with Uncle Peck during her adolescence.

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