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    All change, no change, cold call, katoey from hell?

    News, Published on 31/08/2014

    » Outspoken actress Pattarida "Tangmo" Patcharaweerapong is thanking God for Channel 7's decision to release her from her contract after she accepted work for a rival channel.

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    Lowering the bar

    B Magazine, Andrew Biggs, Published on 31/08/2014

    » This column is dedicated to an attractive young lady in a tight-fitting white Leo beer shirt who, five years ago, raced over to my table as I sat down in a beer bar on Khon Kaen's Khao Nieo Road.

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    All fished out

    B Magazine, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 31/08/2014

    » In Thailand, pla jaramed (pomfret), a saltwater fish, and pla nuea awn (sheatfish), which lives in freshwater, are the reigning queens of the fish market. They grab the eye of anyone scanning a fishmonger's stand, and immediately set the imagination to work devising menus of dishes that would bring out the succulent best in them.

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    Come apply with me

    B Magazine, Published on 31/08/2014

    » Never before have I woken up with my hair looking so perfect. A few strands were out of place, but it was nothing a quick spritz of hairspray couldn't fix. My neck was aching a little from trying to lie still throughout the night, not that you can really control these things when sleeping, to keep the 800-baht hairstyle intact.

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    Paradise Regained

    B Magazine, Chanun Poomsawai, Published on 31/08/2014

    » Following a five-year hiatus since La Roux's debut, electropop songstress Elly Jackson is flying solo with the long-awaited sophomore album, and it feels like she never left

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    The art of a perfect party

    B Magazine, Published on 31/08/2014

    » Bangkok's uber-socialites were recognised earlier this month at the 9th annual HiSoParty Awards night, hosted by society magazine HiSoParty.

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    Halting a bamboo invasion

    B Magazine, Normita Thongtham, Published on 31/08/2014

    » Last week I wrote about a recent visit to our farm, a tedious nine-hour trip from Bangkok. When it was purchased 12 years ago, the farm was intended to be our retirement home as the climate is pleasant; located near Loei province, it is cool nearly all year round. However, the birth of a grandson caused this plan to be shelved indefinitely.

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    Freinds in need

    Life, Published on 31/08/2014

    » These two puppies were among hundreds born in a shelter. They are very friendly and healthy.

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