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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    get married in Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 10/06/2002, Last updated on: 21/01/2008

    » I want to get married, but a civil wedding, not religious. I am from Spain and we want to come to Thailand for holidays and marry. What do I have to do to find a judge?

    • Anonymous commented : Hi Esther, I am not sure about what the formalities are but I would suggest that you check with the Thai Consulate nearest you in Spain. They should be able to give you full details on what is required, i.e., paperwork, medical certificates (if any) and where and how to go about arranging to get married.

    • Anonymous commented : Dear Esther. It is very simple to get marriage certificate in Thailand. I am assuming that you will get marry in the hotel where you are planing to take your vacation. You can go to the district/provincial office called "umphur" before or after your ceremony. The hotel hostess/officer can point you to the right direction or hotel's diver can take you there. It would depending on the level of services that available at your hotel. You should contact them about your plans. You might want your marriage certificate translated into english and/or spanish with official seal before you return home also. Good luck.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Is Thai guy a good man to marry??

    By Anonymous, Created on: 30/06/2002, Last updated on: 18/09/2007

    » I met a Thai guy by chance and wonder if I get the right man?? Can any thai men and women give me some advise?? Thanks a lot!!

    • Anonymous commented : Thai men are like any other kind of men. However, culturally, men and women in Thailand tended to have close relationship. Especially, if the men came from Thai-Chinese family, then you will experience less openness in the relationship. Often, they seek information from friends and families about their potential lovers. Urban and rural relationships are usually different. Rural people tended to adhere to traditional Thai life-style and relationship. It would depending more on the level of education and worldly experience of the person. Statistically, Thai men are less educated than Thai women due to proverty, rote education, and availability of educational institutions. I would recommend that you dating him for at least a year or two before you attempt any relationship like sexual.

    • Anonymous commented : Hi Rooster, Thanks a lot for yr advice. In general, how Thai men react in front of his lover?? Do equal opportunity play between Men and Women?? Thur yr msg, "Virginity" seem still important in Thai guy's Pls let me know more....suzy

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    its not always right that

    By Anonymous, Created on: 20/12/2002, Last updated on: 12/08/2010

    » actually i have a thai pretty girlfriend who being my girl for a year now. and i think thai women are serious and good one bcoz of i've known thai friends both men and women and they're not think about your money in their brain! now a days, they can work and earn as much as men can do. don't look...

    • Anonymous commented : Dunno how its going to work for me but fingers crossed.Met my Thai wife on internet,met her,married a year later,sold my business and moved to Thailand.I am now 50 yrs old,shes 21, a hugh difference I know. So far she takes good care of me and we are happy.I see it as a second chance.


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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Getting married

    By Anonymous, Created on: 04/04/2003, Last updated on: 18/04/2006

    » I have a girl friend from Thailand whom I would like to marry. I am concerned though about the differences between Thai culture and my own. (USA) I often don't understand her. We lack intimacy in our relationship which she doesn't seem concerned about. She says it is because I am not Thai. I...

    • Anonymous commented : I have a Thai girl friend, and i am Malaysian, i wish to stay in Thai, working there, and live together with my future wife, can anyone give me some advise? i really need to know what is the procedure... thank you Best Regards, Andy

    • Anonymous commented : You take a month vacation and spend time with her in Thailand.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Malaysia Muslim get marru in Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 09/04/2003, Last updated on: 04/11/2015

    » As we know, in Malaysian Shariah Law, it's not easy to get marry without permission with parents or qualified member in family . But when we think wisely, It's not wrong to get marry in Thailand. It's legal in Islam but illegal for Malaysia Law. They go there to get marry because of certain reasons...

    • Anonymous commented : Hi Jessica I'm a Singaporean and is not in the position to get married in Singapore yet because my partner is presently a married man. Please advise me of procedure to get married in Thailand in my circumstance, and also all the cost (including hidden cost) involved. Thanks.

    • Anonymous commented : Hi, Since you had been to Samui Island for your marriage, I would like to check with your one issue: i.e If I were to go to Samui Island, could I get Muslim Foods over therer, especially In Chaweng?. Rgds, Kasah Bin Baki (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

    • Anonymous commented : Kasa Bin Baki.......23rd. There is a Muslim village just south of Chaweng, a few minutes on a motorbike. But there Muslim communities in other places, Big Buddha beach and Fishermans village etc.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Pre-Marital Sex. - Part I.

    By Anonymous, Created on: 18/06/2003, Last updated on: 26/04/2007

    » Hello Mr. Rooster ; I moved this discussion to this more appropriate thread. Mr. Rooster wrote : "People are like animals, and their sexual drives will involve some types of pre-marital sex. So prostitution will be there to provide needed service. " The sexual urge is indeed extraordinarily powerful,...

    • Anonymous commented : con't. Only 100 years ago in the US, the legal age of consent to marry was 10 years old (!). I believe Thailand was similar. It is hard to imagine pre-marital sex under those conditions. Did the country and society crumble?? Were people unhappy?? Was divorce rampant? Were children abandoned? Were children being molested and kidnapped? Were there single mothers? Were teens killing themselves? Were women being battered? Were there teen gangs? Was there prostitution? (yes, but no police force was necessary to control or limit it. It was self-limiting). California was one of the first states to raise the age of consent. It raised it from ten to fourteen in 1889 and then from fourteen to sixteen in 1897. Then, in 1913, California again raised it from sixteen to eighteen. Tennessee went the furthest: under Tennessee law, it was a felony to have sex with any woman under twenty-one. Has this stopped anyone from having sex?? We created this problem ourselves. Raising the age of consent to marry GUARANTEES pre-marital sex, and a LOT of it! Raise the age of consent higher and I guarantee you'll have even MORE pre-marital sex, certainly not less. We think we need to graduate from college first, or that young people are too "immature". Unfortunately, you cannot tell hormones to wait until after college, nor should you. This is a good example of passing a law to fix one problem only to have 10 bigger problems explode a few years later (pre-marital sex, over-crowded prisons, teen pregnacy, teen suicide, drug abuse, single mothers, violence against women, divorce, sexual dysfunction, prostitution, etc.) Rather than allow our sons and daughters to marry, we think it perfectly normal to send them with our blessings on a road to hell. We make these problems ourselves. Cheers!!

    • Anonymous commented : The age of consent in Thailand is fifteen. I have no view on this. Since I believe in mental maturity over age. My first degree is in life science, and I understand very well what is the average of human sexual maturity. Human/people do not have the same rate of mental maturity. I do not think that immature girls or boys should have sex and having children when they are not ready...that would be the same for 30 years old person. I do not think that modern women will agree with your assertion. For the henious child molesters, it is by definition in which implying that older persons performed/forced sexual acts with UNWILLING under age girls...i.e. it is a form of rape. In my book, a single bullet is the answer for the psychopathic mind. Prostitution is a profession and it will be there no matter what to provide the needed service. I am an orthodox buddhist so I will explain my possition regarding to buddhism. Since we do not uphold to any gods or those pratice ways from your bible. Polygamy has different definitions between your bible and the Teaching of Buddha. Buddhism does not prohibit polygamy. However, everyone in the family have to consent to the new additional member to the family. And the head of the household should be able to PROVIDE the SAME for all family members. Would polygamy prevent pre- or extra-martial sex? I would say no. Because human is like rodent of opportunity. This is one reason for Thai men and family to follow western family and social structures, because it is more affordable by divorcing and remarrying. Many societal institutions in Thailand have to change their procedures in order for people to get marry at younger age. They should be able to choose whether to start a family or get an education first. There are age barriers in every sectors in Thai society. There are no serious continue education and cutoff age for college admission. Thai people should be able to get their education and starting a carreer at any ages. If the women choose to have family first and get education later, they should be able to choose. Education system by itself already forcing Thai people to get marry at a later age. Most Thai leaders have miotic views of education and future, because of self-interests and foreign cultural influences. There is limited carreer choices for women who are divorced with children. They could not support their our children and their old parents with minimum wage, so prostitution may be an unwanted carreer of choice. I do not think that anything of significant will change soon in my lifetime. So those who want to marry or having sex with 10 years old will have to waite awhile longer or get a single bullet.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Learning about Thai ladies in marriage and culture

    By Anonymous, Created on: 23/08/2003, Last updated on: 21/10/2007

    » I would like to learn about the Thai lady in marriage and the Thai culture. The reason for this, is that after literally travelling the world for many years, during work commitments, and meeting along the way many ladies for serious relationships. I met along the way a lady from Thailand. We met many...

    • Anonymous commented : That explains a lot for me thank you, Rooster. But i still have a need to for example understand what a Thai woman expect in a relationship with husband. In all cultures all woman go into marriage knowing that they will be treated in certain ways and the man will also be treated in certain ways. I am not talking about normal respect, and empathy. That for me is assumed. Now for the most this is simple and easy. For example some old ways, not followed anymore but is an example. Where the wife would serve dinner and then sit close to the husband so that she could serve to his needs should he require anything. Or in public would be normal for the man to walk ahead of the wife. Now these seem basic, but to the person that does not know the Thai way of things it is difficult. Even when i visit Thailand some of these are not easy to pick up. Some basics are more helpful than most people could imagine. I am asking about man and wife, not man and woman not married. There are probably many, but any one that can contribute would help. Thank you

    • Anonymous commented : Well, I think you should not confuse Hispanic or Arabic cultures with Thai. No Thai women do not cut your foods for you at the table. Thai foods are pre-cutted and usually prepared for single bit sizes. There are usually variety of foods serving at dinner. Thai women do not walk behind their husbands either. Usually, you can view their relationship as high and low. For example: husband's head is highest in the family as respect so she should not touch him above his shoulder or joking around him publicly. Public displaces of affections usually are not done...unlike young Thais of today. Oh, many wealthy men are still keeping minor wives in the same large home or multi-buildings. Since most Thai estates are with high fences for privacy, most people do not see what is going on inside. Thai women do not like to be embarrassed publicly or among their social circles - so what ever going on outside their home should be kept separated from their homes. You should only to remember to keep everything under the roof and be very discreet.

    • Anonymous commented : Well First of all Rooster do you really want to say Thai women have nothing against mia nois..2nd wife, 3rd wives? You give Maurice the advice to have save sex and to be faithful only to this lady...but when he has sex with a bar girl then he's unfaithful ... Well How see this case...Maurice loves this Thai lady, but for his lady he's just a good friend not more..maybe looks like their relationship bases on having it easier together than alone, but factually it's like two friends getting married not more..I mean the lady is not even ready to have sex with Maurice.....so she sends him to a bar girl.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Does thai society accept intermarriages?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 19/09/2003, Last updated on: 09/05/2006

    » The thai men that are undesirable are usually uneducated ones who try to get through life by being sleazy. This is why alot of thai women are turned off by marrying a thai man. Typical thai males are fairly unambitious, narrow-minded, and judgemental. I think that its the society that is teaching...

    • Anonymous commented : How about mentioning the responsible ones -some educated and as well as not so ones , Chad? Or you just don't know of any? Or you just don't speak Thai?! I've lived and am still iving abroad most of my life. And I've never come across any lazy Thais, be they men or women. So generalisation is a form of racism. And maybe you should open your mind a little. During my visits in Thailand, I've come across many lazy, aggressive and low class type Farangs that I never knew of over here. I spend my life dodging confrontational Farangs, be they English - who love a good fight on Saturday nights, agonising types as well as gentle but snobbish Frenchmen and nuerotic Americans and these bullying Russians who suffer from superiority complex in Thailand that can't speak English properly, let alone Thai, because they think they're too good to do so. Learn Thai properly, and you will have better understanding of the culture of the land you are living in. Imagine that the other way around? There was a time when I was growing up in, 'Krungthep', I knew of many Farangs who wouldn't eat any Thai food except, 'Khao phatd'. Now the English won't even look back on their inferior cuisine and only serve Thai food in pubs all over London. I wish you good luck with your endeavours, if you have any. My regards.

    • Anonymous commented : In order to understand intermarriage, we must also understand the context in which the subject's relationship has occured. I strongly believe that intermarriage does demand for greater understanding and communication between two people, as there are many variables which will influence the behavior of the relationship. We often see the image of Thai (Asian) men as being undesirable because of how the society has portray them to be , a character of weak personality and lacking ambitions. Mostr well to do Thai women has strong ambitions and desire for stablity, which is why most have opted for a western men because of their outgoing personality and stability. Thai men (Asian) lack stability, and usually has to work hard to earn some recognition from the well to do Thai women (although the women wouldn't even think of having a relationship with a poor thai men). The well to do Thai males are quite rare, most who do poccess the stability and wealth are usually overseas studying or working abroad and has much little contact with the Thai society. Because of this, the Thais that have lived abroad begins to assimilate the culture of the foreign host country and will unfortunately neglect the Thai way of life (either losing language or mannerism). Many of these well to do Thai men eventually opt for a western women because of similar values and most importantly is their outlook in life which has been assimilated by the host country. Since the Thai society is very liberal, be it from Buddism values or just poor public discipline by the government, intermarriage is a norm in the society. I am not against intermarriage, but I think Thai girls should really give the Thai men a closer look, especially the well to do Thai men whom have lived abroad. Rather than judging them with demeaning stereotypes with negativity, the Thai girls (especially the well to do) should not only opt for a western men, but consider Thai men as being their potential partner. The men and women of Thailand really do need to learn to understand one another more with no preconceptions.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    bring back wife to states

    By Anonymous, Created on: 30/10/2003, Last updated on: 21/06/2007

    » I am planing on marriage to a Thai woman in early 2004. What is the fastest way to bring her back to the US. Would it be in an immigtant visa (married) or on non immigrant visa (fiancee)? And in both cases how long might it take for her visa to be processed. Could someone please help? The Consulate...

    • Anonymous commented : The fiance visa is the easier way to go from my research. Forget the Consulate. Go to the INS website http://travel.state.gov/getting_vistors_visa.html http://travel.state.gov/visa_services.html Do your own research. You can download forms and applications. One thing required is you must provide the address of the person in Thailand in Thai script (native handwriting) on the visa application. I think the process could take anywhere from 6-12 months. I met a Thai girl in Bahrain. I went to Bangkok and stayed with her for 2 weeks. After I came back to the US I wanted her to come here for marriage. She is not interested. Good Luck

    • Anonymous commented : Hi Rick, I posted the answer to your question that you posted under the heading "Paying the old Laid", take a look. NP

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    family visa

    By Anonymous, Created on: 02/01/2004, Last updated on: 12/09/2006

    » When the Thai government will allow foreigners with Thai spouse and children to own a one year visa without the need to travel out of the country every 3 month or to show 800 thousands bahts in a bank account, this is very unfair and even most of the Thais don't earn this sum per year, why this discrimination...

    • Anonymous commented : After reading this disloyal Chinese individual, I am obsolutely believe that Thailand has no future since they will sell out our country and people at anytimes of day. Someday, we need to make the current immigration laws retroactive. AMLO needs to do their jobs and took care of these corruptors. By allowing other foreigners to have more rights to own land would not solve our current problems. But I do believe in Dharma, and they will get all that they deserved.

    • Anonymous commented : Rooster - why not change the law so that farangs can co-own land with their Thai spouses ? That way, at least each has a veto. Currently what often happens is that the farang buys land in his wife's name, builds a house on it and then is turfed out of both, when the wife's family want it. If the couple have children, the father may lose all access to them because the family can simply bar him from what he's paid for. Or they can sell up and disappear.

    • Anonymous commented : Yes, it would be nice like business. But the problems are still the same old problems of foreigners using marriage to gain property control over Thais and drive up prices. The Chineses, Indians, Muslims, and other foreigners have done these things so the laws are there for good reasons. The Chineses and Indians are the major real-estate holders in urban areas. I do not think that thing will change until there are real economic equalities in Thailand and money exchange policy.

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