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    Thai airports, trains, buses, public transport

    Airport Link opens

    By david, Created on: 16/08/2010, Last updated on: 12/01/2016

    » The new airport rail link opens August 23 and Only three problems impede its linkup with the skytrain and the underground? Once these issues are sorted out, however, the benefits for Bangkok's tourism industry will be phenomenal? The airport link will be good for single travelers, but for 2 or more...

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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Naked ownership and usufruct

    By Silaworld, Created on: 16/08/2010, Last updated on: 09/10/2010

    » My Thai wife and myself both own some properties on our own names in Thailand. Now we would like to purchase another property with naked ownership on my wife's name and usufruct on my name. Is this possible under Thai law and is it enough to communicate this to registration office on the day of registration?...

    • Silaworld commented : [quote="RogerRamjet":9k7luv4t]Yes. On the day of registration ask for a Blue and Yellow book. The Blue book will have your wife's name in it, the Yellow book will have your name in it, showing that you have an interest in the said house/property. If you already own properties in Thailand you would have known that already. Or are you just referring to copies of the chanote? There are two different entities here, the district office and the land department.[/quote:9k7luv4t] I do have properties in Thailand on my name only. For one of them I have a yellow book (from the district office) because this makes it easy to buy car, motorbike aso... I do not know the meaning of "CHANOTE". I really do not want to offend you... but... I am not sure you fully understand the difference between "naked ownership" and "usufruct". If you do, please accept my appologies.

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    Family - searching for lost relatives

    Suvattana Lowhaphan

    By miss_daisy1979, Created on: 14/08/2010, Last updated on: 16/08/2010

    » I am trying to trace my mother (named in subject box), without going to Private Investigators, what agencies can i use to help me find her?

    • modsquad commented : [quote:3as14uy7]by miss_daisy1979 on Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:16 pm I am trying to trace my mother (named in subject box), without going to Private Investigators, what agencies can i use to help me find her?[/quote:3as14uy7] 2 suggestions: 1 Thai police telephone number is 191 2

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    Thai news stories

    Thai infrastructure

    By drake, Created on: 13/08/2010, Last updated on: 11/11/2013

    » [quote:31gxfa6m]by drake on Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:21 pm How about industrial infrastructure instead of govt. admin ? The ppl might get some real skills then. by Voice on Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:07 pm I do agree with you there drake Thailand need much of those infrastructure like railway and better motoway...

    • Voice commented : [quote:11ppma04]drake wrote "So, you are saying that there is no chance that someone like CP would diversify in to semiconductor manufacturing on it's own IF it thinks it can make a lot of money ?[/quote:11ppma04] If so they probably done it a long time ago drake. CP got rich from chicken farm and bribes their way through. They didn’t get this far without help and of course they also have management from outside the country.

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