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    Patronising stance on pickups backfires

    News, Suranand Vejjajiva, Published on 11/04/2017

    » The government's latest attempt to regulate traffic involving the use of pickup trucks is put on hold at least until the Songkran weekend is over. The saga reflects the long neglect in enforcing the law, the Thai attitude of mai pen rai -- it doesn't matter -- and the patronisation by the ruling class.


    It's rush hour for road safety

    News, Editorial, Published on 11/04/2017

    » There is no wilder weekend holiday in Thailand than Songkran, and that goes for neighbouring countries as well. In Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, most business comes to a halt, as citizens and visitors mark the traditional New Year. Much fun is had, even if revellers sometimes err on the wrong side of decorum.


    Seat belt confusion

    News, Postbag, Published on 11/04/2017

    » I fully support the wearing of car seat belts in an effort to increase passenger safety; but would someone in authority please clarify in simple terms the latest rules regarding seat belts and the carrying of passengers in vehicles?


    India losing faith in free-trade deals

    News, Mihir Sharma, Published on 11/04/2017

    » Until fairly recently, it looked like two massive new agreements would compete to define the future of world trade. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, backed by the US, would try to move the global trade architecture toward new norms, with harmonised regulations at its centre. Meanwhile, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, backed by China, would drastically reduce remaining tariffs across a swathe of Asia and push the existing model of trade and manufacturing as far as it could go.


    Assad may mistake US strike as mere 'slap on wrist'

    News, Published on 11/04/2017

    » A US cruise missile attack on a Syrian air base may persuade President Bashar al-Assad to be more cautious with some of his tactics, but that will not deter him and his allies from pressing a full-throttle military campaign to crush rebels.

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