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    Some democracies resist populism

    News, Leonid Bershidsky, Published on 03/04/2017

    » Recent and upcoming political upheavals in a number of countries provide some evidence that the institutional design of democracies can be critically important. A clear advantage is emerging for countries that don't directly elect a president: They are more likely to resist the wave of populism sweeping the West.


    No need for trade fear

    News, Editorial, Published on 03/04/2017

    » US President Donald J Trump won last November's election at least partly on a one-note theme he hammered incessantly. That note was, and remains, "unfair trade policies". Last Friday, Mr Trump took his first action in what he thinks will make trade fair again. And for the first time since he gave up reality TV for politics, he mentioned Thailand. Actually, we should be pleased.


    Even if 'Boss' were arrested, what happens next?

    News, Veera Prateepchaikul, Published on 03/04/2017

    » When I was reading law at Chulalongkorn University about four decades ago, there was an old saying among jurists that went along the lines of, "When gunshots ring out, all the jurists just sit down and keep their mouths shut."


    Forest too precious for housing

    News, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 03/04/2017

    » Many years ago I visited Mahachai, a fishery port zone in Samut Sakhon province. As I walked around I felt like I was a township in Myanmar. The community is dubbed Little Myanmar, with good reason. It is a place where you can hear many people talk in unfamiliar dialects, posters are written in the round letters of the Myanmar alphabet, and of course, women and men have yellowish tanaka paste on their faces.


    Our age of anxiety

    Life, Yvonne Bohwongprasert, Published on 03/04/2017

    » We are living in probably one of the most chaotic times in history. Terrorism, crime and the breakdown of the family unit are at all-time highs. These are just a fraction of the issues we're bombarded with daily, causing our emotional health to suffer. The need to keep tabs on our mental health should be prioritised if we desire to live life to its fullest.

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