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    UN needs a strong leader

    News, Editorial, Published on 21/09/2016

    » The United Nations General Assembly session under way in New York is the last for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Mr Ban has done the job he was selected for 10 years ago. The outgoing chief belongs to the old world, too slow to adapt and too cautious. In these new days of fast-moving and multiple important events, a new form of UN leadership must emerge. Mr Ban has been unable to deal with all the pressures of the job. The Syrian conflict, the spread of the Ebola deaths in Africa and the devastating charges of child and sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers were just a few of the most pressing demands where he has been found falling behind or wanting.


    Thai economy needs new growth drivers

    News, Bandid Nijathaworn, Published on 21/09/2016

    » The state of the global economy today is disjointed and complicated. To understand this complexity, derived from many countervailing forces, one needs to differentiate the short-term outlook from the longer-term challenges.


    Crisis prevention imperative to Beijing and Tokyo

    News, Shen Dingli, Published on 21/09/2016

    » The dispute over the Diaoyu Islands (known by the Japanese as the Senkaku Islands) in the East China Sea has remained a thorny issue between China and Japan. Of course, there are other longstanding tensions between Beijing and Tokyo. A visit by Japanese officials to Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine is one such example sparking controversy, as the shrine is seen by China as a symbol of Japan's militarist role and aggression during World War II.


    Community matchmaking for refugees makes sense

    News, Published on 21/09/2016

    » In its first-ever summit on refugees and migrants on Monday, the United Nations urged member countries to do more to settle the 21.3 million refugees around the globe. If the UN could find a way to tackle even one small part of this problem -- the large number of available resettlement places that are not filled -- that would already be progress.


    Chao Phraya boat sinking was avoidable

    News, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 21/09/2016

    » I was shocked as I read the tragic news stories about how a double-decker tourist boat, that was supposed to take more than 100 Muslim pilgrims on a pilgrimage, ended up taking at least 27 lives when it capsized and sank on the Chao Phraya River in Ayutthaya on Sunday.

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