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    Truth needed on human trafficking

    News, Editorial, Published on 13/12/2015

    » The government, police and military must show a commitment to tackling human trafficking and take the matter seriously. This is the only option in response to Pol Maj Gen Paween Pongsirin’s request for asylum in Australia. If the authorities want to prove Pol Maj Gen Paween’s statement wrong, they have to ensure responsible agencies or officials are able to suppress human trafficking without fear or interference from influential figures. It would be unwise to blindly dismiss Pol Maj Gen Paween’s statement as simply politically motivated. Regardless of the officer's motives, his statement revealed some inconvenient facts about the situation.


    Names can be an occupational hazard

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 13/12/2015

    » Fed up reading about shady deals and assorted crookery every time you open the newspaper? In an attempt to lighten the mood, PostScript is taking another look at the wonderful world of “aptonyms”.


    Honest officer does us proud

    News, Postbag, Published on 13/12/2015

    » Re: “Top cop mulls suing Paween” (BP, Dec 12).


    Should we honour racists?

    Published on 13/12/2015

    » In the midst of my Practical Ethics class last month, several students stood up and walked out. They were joining hundreds of others in a protest led by the Black Justice League, one of many student groups that have emerged across the United States in response to the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August last year, and subsequent police killings of unarmed African Americans.


    The big issue: The Tweet

    Alan Dawson, Published on 13/12/2015

    » It took one hour and 19 minutes for United States Ambassador Glyn Davies to annoy the super-patriots and ultra-royalists when he told journalists on Nov 25 his government detests the detention of protesters and lese majeste convicts. A week later, United Kingdom Ambassador Mark Kent beat that time by an hour, 18 minutes and 55 seconds.

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