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    Foreign lesion

    News, Postbag, Published on 03/12/2015

    » Re: “Foreigners ineligible”, (PostBag, Nov 28). While it is at least admirable that the CEO of the mass transit system wrote to clarify the policy regarding the use of the senior ticket on the MRT/BTS (or whichever he represents), I would appreciate knowing the rationale and the litmus test for someone to qualify. I have lived in Thailand for five and a half years (and have been over 60 all that time), I have a retirement visa, a Thai driver’s licence, I own (in my wife’s name, of course) a house and a car.


    Only hope lies in ending emissions

    News, Published on 03/12/2015

    » In the run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (Cop21) in Paris, more than 150 governments submitted plans to reduce carbon emissions by 2030. Many observers are asking whether these reductions are deep enough. But there is an even more important question: Will the chosen path to 2030 provide the basis for ending greenhouse-gas emissions later in the century?


    Aviation crisis looms large

    News, Editorial, Published on 03/12/2015

    » The US Federal Aviation Authority's announcement on Tuesday to downgrade Thailand's aviation safety rating from Category I to Category II is not beyond expectation among people in the aviation industry.


    One fancy feast

    Life, Adam Kohut, Published on 03/12/2015

    » I love food, and I live in Bangkok, and I am young and hip. And my daddy is rich. So I'm going to open a hip restaurant in Bangkok for young people with my rich daddy's money. Now, you must possess passion. Luckily, passion I have in droves! If I were a plant, my friends tell me, I'd be a passion fruit tree. Imagine that! That's how much I love food! I might even venture as far as to call myself a highfalutin gourmandiser.

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