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    Make justice clear

    News, Postbag, Published on 07/09/2015

    » Thailand’s collective image is best served when justice is not only done, but seen to be done on an individual basis.


    Put a stop to Ultras

    News, Editorial, Published on 07/09/2015

    » Thai "football fans" involved in the stadium altercation in Laos on Friday took their form of casual violence to a new level, and created an international incident. The confrontation between the so-called "Ultras Thailand" and Lao police has embarrassed the country. The Thai embassy in Vientiane had to become involved, and wrote what seemed to be an official apology to Laos. The embassy deserves praise for working to free the 25 arrested Thai "fans" and quickly cooling down this divisive incident.


    India needs roadmap to fix cities

    News, Published on 07/09/2015

    » China and India are driving Asia's population and urbanisation trends. According to a 2010 McKinsey study, the two countries are expected to account for 62% of the growth in the continent's urban population between 2005 and 2025, and a staggering 40% of such growth worldwide.


    DSI has much to answer for in shoddy Krungthai case

    News, Veera Prateepchaikul, Published on 07/09/2015

    » The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) appears to be in the hot seat after the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Political Office-Holders handed down its verdict on Aug 26 in the Krungthai Bank (KTB) case.


    Somkid will need help to revive Otop

    News, Saritdet Marukatat, Published on 07/09/2015

    » Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak should invite Japanese mascot Kumamon to be his guest once he gets serious about giving the One-Tambon-One-Product (Otop) project another push.


    China at the crossroads

    Asia focus, Umesh Pandey, Published on 07/09/2015

    » Not that long ago, China was the darling of the developing world when it came to showing how to get things done. Lately, though, it's been looking more like a basket case when it comes to economic management.


    Teach our children how to think

    Life, Usnisa Sukhsvasti, Published on 07/09/2015

    » Politics and religion may be taboo conversation subjects, but the subject of education in Thailand is always a great way to get the ball rolling. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone has an opinion to give. Not much of it is positive. The recent announcement by the Office of the Basic Education Commission (Obec) that schools are going to reduce class hours from eight hours a day to six in order to give children time for more extra-curricular activities has caused a lot more concern than praise. I don't think the quantity is going to make any difference, if the quality of teaching is not up to standard and you're not going to get quality teaching in the classroom if you can't pay teachers a reasonable salary. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Just to put things into perspective, according to figures from the 2015 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Switzerland is the country with the most well-paid teachers.

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