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    Global refugee crisis cries out for action

    News, Editorial, Published on 06/09/2015

    » Now, it’s personal. Until last week the world’s migrant crisis was abstract, a procession of humanity as statistics. The 59.5 million people forcibly displaced by the end of last year, two-thirds of them uprooted from home within their own country. The 1.9 million Syrians living in Turkey, mainly in camps, having fled a country torn between the atrocities of Bashar al-Assad and the Islamic State. The 140,000 men, women and children who have entered Hungary from the border with Serbia this year alone, hoping for asylum in richer western European countries. The hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who have entrusted their lives to traffickers, their very exodus abetted by the regime they seek to escape. The Uighur who have turned to criminal networks to escape persecution in China. The Iraqis, Afghans and Sudanese who made perilous journeys to Australian waters only to have the navy pay their traffickers to turn away.


    No crookery today, thank you very much

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 06/09/2015

    » Today, believe it or not, Thailand celebrates National Anti-Corruption Day. For 24 hours, no one will be on the fiddle, or at least seen to be on the fiddle.


    To retweet or not: The horror of a picture

    News, Peter Bouckaert, Published on 06/09/2015

    » I thought long and hard before I retweeted the photo of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi. It shows the lifeless toddler, lying face down on a popular Turkish beach, one of 11 Syrians who have almost certainly died as they tried to reach safety in Europe by boarding a smuggler’s boat. Instead they ended up as the latest victims of Europe’s paltry response in the face of a growing crisis.


    The big issue: How to make a terrorist

    Alan Dawson, Published on 06/09/2015

    » Thailand and international terrorism have a history that goes way back. The current calls for security forces to get serious about threats to the country are only echoes of the past 40-plus years.

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