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    Atrocity must be solved

    News, Editorial, Published on 19/08/2015

    » The bomb attack at Ratchaprasong intersection is an act no civilised person or group can defend. By killing 20 people and sending far more than 100 to the hospital with wounds, someone has declared war on decency, as well as the entire country. Thailand must unite in the face of such an attack. At this time, we all are Thais, determined to defeat this visceral threat to the nation.


    Nation mourns as innocents slain

    News, Mark Hughes, Published on 19/08/2015

    » You won't recognise him. His face is swathed in bandages. That's when top Bangkok surgeons are not trying to rebuild his profile, a process that will take far longer than you'd care to imagine, distraught as you must be. Rest assured, he'll be kept away from mirrors for weeks.


    Decentralisation key to ending water wars

    News, Published on 19/08/2015

    » Water is the lifeblood of agriculture. It has significant impacts on the livelihood of millions of Thai farmers. Early on in rainy season this year, farmers in the Central Plains suffered from one of the most intense droughts in the last five decades. Evidence shows that this year is one of the lowest rainfall years since 1970 due to the effects of El Nino. Apart from the devastating floods of 2011, this drought is another wake-up call for Thailand to take a more serious step toward an effective and sustainable water management system.


    Minnows cop it hard as big       fish prosper

    News, Sanitsuda Ekachai, Published on 19/08/2015

    » No, it was not a mistake. It was a farce. And for a country long burdened by a corruption-plagued police force, it is definitely a tragedy.


    Accepting impermanence

    Life, Patcharawalai Sanyanusin, Published on 19/08/2015

    » Everybody dies, sooner or later. This is a fact of life we must learn to accept. But it isn't easy when we lose a loved one to suicide. The shocking news of musician Prachathip "Singha" Musikapong's jump to death late last month saddened many people. His story made headlines for an entire week and the pictures of his family, girlfriend, friends and fans shedding tears at his funeral were very touching.


    PM backs renewables

    News, Postbag, Published on 19/08/2015

    » The Post’s Aug 17 editorial, “PM off-grid on power”, requires some clarifications.

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