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    Smart, safe roads ahead

    Life, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 17/06/2015

    » Autonomous technology — when a machine can function without human command — is not only being used in the air, with unmanned aerial vehicles and drones, but also on the roads. Unsurprisingly, Singapore is a regional leader that looks set to bring driverless vehicles to the public very soon.

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    Windows 10 is on its way

    Life, James Hein, Published on 17/06/2015

    » Windows 10 is coming and if you have seen the little Windows icon in your tray then you can get your upgrade for free. Before you click and accept however, you may want to consider if all the drivers you need for your computer peripherals are available. Printers, scanners and other devices that work perfectly well with Windows 7 and 8 may suddenly stop working if the drivers are not also ready to install. This will also include devices inside laptops like modems and other bits and pieces. For each device visit the appropriate sites and check that there is a Windows 10 driver download ready to go for you 32 or 64 bit operating system upgrade. For something like a notebook I would check with the manufacturer directly to make sure it will work under Windows 10. I have been caught out before with this. You may also want to try the new operating system on someone else's computer to make sure you like the updated look and feel. It appears to be a combination of Windows 7 and 8 styles with a few new bits added so it is trying to be something for everyone, a concept that sometimes works well. It is best to try it first to avoid another OS shock like the many experienced with the change from Windows 7 to 8.x.

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    Garmin vivofit 2

    Life, AKIN, Published on 17/06/2015

    » Vivofit 2 is a new iteration in smart fitness band by Garmin that can show status of activity and audibly warn if inactivity is detected for more than one hour. All daily records from steps taken, distance walked, burnt calories and heart rate are stored and can be swiftly displayed on your wrist. The device can learn each user's daily movement and suggest or update daily goals individually. Its long-lasting battery can be used up to one year without any recharge. To ensure convenience, the vivofit 2's screen comes with a backlight for a perfect visibility in the dark and it can be submerged under 50m of water. With wireless connection features and Garmin Connect, each user can share daily progress to compare statistics with confidants on online social sites. The vivofit 2 priced at 4,750 baht, available in 10 colours of band.

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