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    In fighting IS, don't mimic its evil ways

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 07/02/2015

    » It was a sad week, a week of satanic beheadings, then the barbarous immolation, executed and filmed by that godless bunch as if in mockery of Hollywood war movies. A week of moral anger and global blood lust, from Amman to Tokyo by way of Iraq. A week of sadness that quickly morphed into something like vengeance, as war cries sounded over the medieval fortresses of Jordan and Egypt and echoed to the South China Sea.   


    Forgery case tests the govt

    News, Published on 07/02/2015

    » The forging of a statement from the Royal Household Bureau about His Majesty the King's health is a serious infringement that has concerned the entire nation. Authorities must find the mastermind behind this impudent offence and bring this person to justice.


    Postbag: Benevolent autocracy

    News, Published on 07/02/2015

    » Readers continue to criticise attempts at reform, but they still fail to offer any alternative proposal. Clearly all previous attempts at democracy in Thailand have failed, so why anyone should clamour to have the same system back again is idealistic. Once again, the term “democracy” needs to be defined by the those who blindly crave it, for it does need to be different for different cultures. Regarding the coup, martial law and the current attempts at reform, long may the current situation continue until such time as a form of government acceptable to all parties has evolved. The term “benevolent autocracy” comes to mind. For a culture that is in the current state of development as is the case in Thailand, i.e. politically juvenile, that may well be an alternative interim option.

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