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    Evictions muddy NCPO cleanup

    News, Published on 13/07/2014

    » At the very least, the sight of soldiers on the same Phuket beaches where bikini-clad women soak up the sun was bizarre. Although it was not exactly the picture-postcard scene tourist officials would want to send out to the world, it has to be said the military’s efforts to clean up the beaches and national park land on the resort island proceeded relatively smoothly last week.


    Short-term solution

    News, Published on 13/07/2014

    » The horrific rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl on an overnight train has moved many to call for the death penalty. While harsher punishments can indeed deter future attackers and satisfy the public need for revenge, there is a need to mention the corruption of Thai police and the justice system in prosecuting rape suspects.


    Bangkok is well and truly going to the dogs

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 13/07/2014

    » While Bangkok is known as the City of Angels, among other things, some might argue that City of Stray Dogs might be more appropriate. There have been assorted proposals designed to solve this problem of wandering woofers, none of which have made much impression.


    Let’s admit this is not democracy

    News, Pichai Chuensuksawadi, Published on 13/07/2014

    » For decades we have been telling ourselves we are a democracy. We tell our people that elections mean we are a democracy. This is hammered home repeatedly. Consequently, we tell the world we are a democracy. But in reality, we are not. We have never been. We want it, but we don’t have it.


    The big issue: Foreign affairs

    Alan Dawson, Published on 13/07/2014

    » For months, if not years, prior to May 22, most Western and some Asian governments had lobbied the Thai military hard, stating or plainly warning that a direct overthrow of the government would bring strong reactions, some measured punishments and loud recriminations from overseas.

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