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    Media needs to dredge up South

    News, Published on 16/02/2014

    » In our collective perception, the southern provinces are often linked to violence and terrorism due to the protracted insurgency and the daily killings there. So much so that much other news from the South is overshadowed, brushed aside and gains little public attention.


    Postbag: The antithesis of buddhism

    News, Published on 16/02/2014

    » Buddhism and democracy have much in common. They both allow and encourage fairness, not unfairness, justice, not injustice, and giving, not taking. While democracy is far from perfect, it is the best form of government known to mankind. Its intention is social cohesion by allowing freedom of expression. In Buddhism, people are judged by their intentions not their actions.


    All you need is love ... and a sense of the absurd

    Roger Crutchley, Published on 16/02/2014

    » In Amazing Thailand the silly season is never far away and it tends to get particularly silly at this time of the year, courtesy of Valentine's Day. We've had the usual underwater weddings in Trang, tying the knot aboard elephants in Chiang Mai and, no doubt, couples getting married while dangling upside down on a bungee jump.


    Friendless China mourns loss of North Korea

    News, Brahma Chellaney, Published on 16/02/2014

    » At a time when China's territorial assertiveness has strained its ties with many countries in the region, and its once-tight hold on Myanmar has weakened, its deteriorating relationship with North Korea, once its vassal, renders it a power with no real allies. The question now is whether the US and other powers can use this development to create a diplomatic opening to North Korea that could help transform northeast Asia's fraught geopolitics.


    Red-On-Red crime

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 16/02/2014

    » Democracy at work: it's a thing of beauty. We couldn't have imagined this 20 years ago. Not even 10 years ago. In Thailand? No way.

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