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    Backwards or forwards?

    Life, James Hein, Published on 13/11/2013

    ยป Why do software makers not bother to check with users to see if their latest upgrade is an improvement or a step backwards? In this case it is Visio 13. I've found a 770-point version of the good old Colossal Cave (or Adventure), a text-based interactive fiction game we used to play way back in the day. I was using Vision to make a map and when I used Visio 13 I could no longer easily make the connectors work as I wanted. This is not the only time I have had problems with new versions of Microsoft products trying to help me way past the point where I want any. I'm sure there is a setting somewhere buried deep under the Options Menu that will stop the behaviour I don't want, but it shouldn't be that hard. Perhaps a simple "make all options as per version 2010" would be the answer.

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