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    Hunt traders, not just mules

    News, Published on 26/08/2013

    » Another woman sits this morning on Death Row in the Ho Chi Minh City prison. Suracha Chaimongkol, 31, is the latest Thai to throw her life away in the deadly crime of drug trafficking. She was caught last October attempting to smuggle 2kg of cocaine past Vietnamese customs agents. Six days ago, a judge of the People's Court sentenced her to die by lethal injection.


    Nuclear needs new technology

    News, Published on 26/08/2013

    » Across the world, the contentious debate over the future of nuclear power continues apace. In East Asia, for instance, it emerged earlier this month that a nuclear plant in Taiwan may have been leaking radioactive water for three years. Meanwhile, Japan is still struggling to contain radioactive water from Fukushima; and in South Korea prosecutors are conducting a huge investigation into forged nuclear safety certificates.


    Guarding the guardians

    News, Published on 26/08/2013

    » In "Seeking true democracy" (PostBag, Aug 24), Dom Dunn suggests that one way to reduce corruption in the Senate would be to have an independent panel appoint one-third of the senators.


    Pheu Thai can win, but at what cost?

    News, Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Published on 26/08/2013

    » Those puzzled by the recurrent political turmoil over the past decade should look at the past few weeks in Bangkok as a microcosm of the trials and tribulations of Thai democracy.


    Leaders' resignations echo PAD's decline

    News, Veera Prateepchaikul, Published on 26/08/2013

    » The anti-Thaksin group People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has been anything but a potent political force that could pose a real threat to the government since it made the cardinal mistake of calling on voters to "Vote No" in the general election in 2011, which saw the Pheu Thai Party romp to victory with 265 House seats over the Democrat Party's 159.


    On that bombshell, I'm stuck in Top Gear

    Life, Usnisa Sukhsvasti, Published on 26/08/2013

    » I'm a junkie. A car programme junkie. I'm not sure what that says about my taste, or about the standard of television programmes on cable TV in Thailand. But I'm hooked on Top Gear, and I'm not even into cars!

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