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    Awed in Austria: Revisiting master painter's inspiration

    B Magazine, Laurie Lico Albanese, Published on 21/07/2013

    » Viennese painter Gustav Klimt first visited the stunning turquoise waters of Lake Attersee, in northern Austria, as a young man in search of a summer refuge. That he found, along with inspiration. Not long before he had written to a friend: "It is terrible, awful here in Vienna. Everything parched, hot, dreadful, all this work on top of it, the `bustle' - I long to be gone like never before."


    Fruits to sway a sweet tooth

    B Magazine, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 21/07/2013

    » People tend to think that new things are better than old ones, and in the case of mobile phones, computers, cars, shoes and the like, they are probably right. But it's a different story with recipes. We can be sure that dishes that have been popular for generations and that leave nothing to be desired will be with us as long as Thai food is prepared. Old-fashioned dishes are like a river that flows slowly and quietly, not turbulently and noisily as a newly-formed wave. People who appreciate them are mostly from older generations.

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