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    Lo Hsing Han: the life and crimes of Asia's heroin king

    Spectrum, Alan Dawson, Published on 21/07/2013

    » Lo Hsing Han, who was buried in Yangon last week, led three exciting lives in his 80 or so years.


    Out of mind, in plain sight

    Spectrum, Tunya Sukpanich, Published on 21/07/2013

    » Son was a familiar figure wandering aimlessly and obviously "out of it" in Rangsit district, where he lived in a local temple. Rescue workers came to the temple in response to a call from a concerned citizen and took him for treatment at a government mental hospital, and slowly he regained his wits and memory. Son couldn't remember anything about his family but fortunately they did not forget him. Now he is safe, recuperating at his home in Chaiyaphum province. Son is one of a lucky few suffering from severe mental illness on the streets who receive attention and help. Most suffer in silence and loneliness.


    Amid change, Rohingya remain Myanmar's 'elephant in the room'

    Spectrum, Achara Ashayagachat, Published on 21/07/2013

    » Approaching the second half of his four-year term, President Thein Sein has seemingly managed to steer the country forward on the path to democratisation and reconciliation, and shown good faith in resolving several bitter issues. Early last week, his announcement in London of his government's intention to release all political prisoners and achieve reconciliation with all ethnic groups was welcomed internationally and at home. Hundreds of exiles who fled the country in separate waves since 1988 have returned to check out the new air of optimism on the ground. Problematic issues impeding the civilian parliamentarian system have been open for debate and some have been partially addressed.

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