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    Nature's powerful phenomenon

    Life, Published on 18/03/2013

    » Ardel Gallery presents "The Sea, Unless Exceptions", a solo exhibition by Marco Rossati whose symbolic works of art are embedded with profound meanings.

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    Human trafficking

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 18/03/2013

    » Slavery is as old as mankind. The slaves were made to work by the rich and powerful, their owners and overseers, at physical labours that sapped their strength and deprived them of their dignity. Often chained, always beaten to keep them in line. Tilling fields, building pyramids, or rowing ships, they died in place.

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    The world in words

    Life, Published on 18/03/2013

    » Sirote Klampaiboon is an independent scholar known for his erudite analyses of current events and political insight. A graduate from the University of Hawaii, Sirote is now teaching Southeast Asian studies and human rights issues at several universities. He also co-hosts a morning programme on Voice TV, in which he discusses everything from politics to movies and cultural going-ons.

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