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    Protest crackdown needs quick inquiry

    News, Published on 02/12/2012

    » The Myanmar government's sudden and brutal crackdown on protesters Thursday at a copper mine in the Letpadaung Mountains in the northwest part of the country which injured dozens of people, including more than 20 Buddhist monks, is rightly drawing condemnation from around the world. As monks marched in Yangon and Mandalay yesterday and rights groups called for an official inquiry, it is not an overstatement to say that what happens next can be viewed as a test of the Myanmar government's commitment to basic mechanisms of democratic governance.


    Pitak skipped politics 101

    News, Published on 02/12/2012

    » In his letter to ''PostBag'', ''Enlighten the electorate'', JC Wilcox displays a somewhat rudimentary grasp of the concept of democracy, claiming that Pitak Siam is ''a pro-democracy movement'', yet admitting that their leader's purpose was to overthrow the government through military involvement.


    Thailand welcomes the creator of 'inspired silliness'

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 02/12/2012

    » Unless you've been in hibernation, you will be aware that Thailand has been graced by the presence of Korea's Psy, whose Gangnam Style song and dance routine is the most-watched video in YouTube history.


    Crisis of tourist safety

    News, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 02/12/2012

    » On Tuesday in Australia, Channel Nine's A Current Affair programme called the actions of Koh Samui police "callous, calculated and evil" as they attempted to extort money last month from a man after his fiancee, 24-year-old dancer and sportscaster Nicole Fitzsimons, died in a motorcycle accident.


    The right way to a revolution

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 02/12/2012

    » A revolution, ladies and gentlemen, is preferably fought by teachers and civil servants, rather than by soldiers and protesters.

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