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  • LIFE

    Stone brings out the Savages

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 21/09/2012

    » Oliver Stone's Savages is cheerfully cynical, ingloriously basked in the Malibu sunshine and fired up by threesome sex, super-bred cannabis and bong-water bravado. It's lurid, sexy, funny, chaotic, cluttered, and if the grisly violence turns you off then Blake Lively _ playing a very dumb blonde _ and her two beaus (plus John Travolta, pudgy and hilariously nervous) will also chip in laugh-out-loud moments, all the while with the director winking off-scene.

  • LIFE

    Closely observed study In Contrasts

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 21/09/2012

    » In the ever-stormy sea of independent film-making, every ingenue goes through the same cycle of dreaming, hoping, fund-hunting. If the dream and the hope can be kept alive, they finish the film and then starting hoping all over again _ this time for the chance to get it released.

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