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    An end to violation

    Life, Published on 03/09/2012

    » Having just finished their performances in New York City early last month, B-Floor Theatre, Thailand's vanguard physical theatre troupe, is ready to present Bang-La-Merd (My Wonderfully Smiling City), a compact solo performance in mid-September.

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    There's gold in them thar waters

    Life, Published on 03/09/2012

    » Watched by 3.66 million viewers in the US, making it the highest-rated series ever broadcast on Discovery Channel, the eight-part Bering Sea Gold has now hit Asian shores.

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    Time travel art promises to be a hoot

    Life, Published on 03/09/2012

    » Picture an owl going on a journey to 19th century France. You have just entered the twilight zone of Thailand-based Singaporean artist Ellen Chia's latest exhibition.

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    The one percent

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 03/09/2012

    » Having written for decades a column about the vibrant night life in the Realm, I felt that I knew the subject better than anyone else and said so. To a large extent, this was no idle boast. My approach was non-judgemental. Others writing about it knew only a fraction as much as I did and had an axe to grind.

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    Force of the farmers

    Life, Chris Baker, Published on 03/09/2012

    » Once upon a time anthropologists did "village studies". They found a place that became "their village." They counted the houses, traced the kin relations, described farming systems, and analysed the rituals.

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    A travelling man's literary map

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 03/09/2012

    » Affable Bhanu Maneevatanakul is a writer with several travel books to his name. The most recent is called Dokmai Nok Suan, a collection of stories about his experiences on the road and the people he met along the way. He's also in the process of putting together Kafae Khong Khon Arab Lae Aharn Khong Khon Uen ("Coffee for Arabs, Food for the Rest"), his thoughts and reflections on food from different parts of the world.

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