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    Of witch and vampire

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 11/05/2012

    ยป The Collins mansion is fashionably decrepit and predictably haunted. With the wispy chandelier like fluorescent jellyfish, a wide staircase entwined by carved serpents and crumbling, pre-Victorian opulence, the estate mirrors the inhabitants: Tim Burton's greatest hits of weirdos, lost children, glamourous widows, and embittered souls living out their Gothic soap. The house is a museum of Burton's chic grotesquerie _ childish, moonstruck, cartoonishly scary _ and this time, it is vamped up by a vampire and the 1970s rock'n roll nostalgia. At one point Alice Cooper makes an appearance, and that's one of the few highs Dark Shadows has dished out (and young viewers would go, Alice Cooper who?).

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