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    We don't need bad education

    News, Published on 11/05/2012

    » This is a week of joy and sorrow for high-school students and their parents across the country.


    Little love for Ampon

    News, Published on 11/05/2012

    » Re: ''Reds told not to exploit Ampon's death'' (BP, May 10).


    Post Today Analysis

    News, Published on 11/05/2012

    » Deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has his work cut out to satisfy all Pheu Thai factions in a cabinet reshuffle expected after the end of the five-year ban on 111 former executive members of the defunct Thai Rak Thai Party on May 31.


    Thailand's formula for success

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 11/05/2012

    » Countless books authored by accomplished people from all types of professions from time immemorial have written about "The Formula for Success" in one way or another. From Machiavelli's The Prince, Sun Tzu's Art of War to Benjamin Graham's Value Investing, these great men attempted to put down on paper their secret for success in their respective occupations. Einstein gave us a general Theory of Relativity but is there a general theory for success? Will someone ever come up with a formulaic expression for success that can be widely applied? And can success really be defined?


    Spare a few thoughts for Da Torpedo

    News, Kultida Samabuddhi, Published on 11/05/2012

    » One of the first things that came to my mind after learning about the death of Ah Kong was the condition of Da Torpedo.


    Good fences make good neighbours

    Life, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 11/05/2012

    » The recent explosion at Map Ta Phut that claimed 12 lives and caused more than 100 injuries is not the first accident there _ and certainly won't be the last. Several other mishaps have occurred in this industrial estate in Rayong over the years, but most of them passed under the media radar because nobody got killed. Many may be surprised to learn that, back in 2010, there were reports of chemical leaks at the same company involved in the disaster on May 5.

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