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    Recycled beauty

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 25/01/2012

    » The planet we call Earth is always recycling itself, whether we realise it or not. Young leaves unfold, perform their faithful "green" duty, become old and yellow, fall, and decompose. Soon all the particles that once were parts of those leaves would reassemble and re-emerge into this planet anew by taking fresh new forms with new duties. These never-ending cycles of renewal make this planet always new, always fresh, young and exciting.

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    Potent answer to ageing skin

    Life, Noko, Published on 25/01/2012

    » Many Asian women dream of having a crystal-clear complexion, which according to Japanese brand SK-II requires looking after five facets of ideal skin: texture, firmness, radiance, spot control and wrinkle resilience.

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    Beating back water deficiency

    Life, Noko, Published on 25/01/2012

    » Drinking eight glasses of water daily can be a difficult thing to do for busy urbanites, and as a result the skin may also become thirsty and suffer from the dehydration. In addition, it faces extreme environments, from being outdoor in the sun then indoor under air-conditioning, to make the matter even worse. Coupled with biological ageing, the water deficiency becomes a bigger problem that welcomes wrinkles to settle on the skin.

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    HRH Prince Mahidol of Songkla's 120th Birthday Anniversary and the 20th Anniversary of the Prince Mahidol Award

    Published on 25/01/2012

    » This is one of our special publications. Please be aware that it comes in PDF format and takes a bit of time to load.

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    Keep funds independent, say experts

    News, Apiradee Treerutkuarkul, Published on 25/01/2012

    » International experts have advised Thailand to solve discrepancies in its three health-care schemes rather than attempt to merge the funds into a single national system.

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    Erawan Tea Room

    Life, Published on 25/01/2012

    » The Thai chef from Erawan Tea Room presents the original taste of Thai curry to spice up your days with flavourful, sensual Thai cuisine.

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