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    Choosing cheap Chinese Products over Thai jobs

    By needchange, Created on: 17/10/2010, Last updated on: 24/11/2015

    » Everyone knows the story of what has been happening in the US in terms of the trade deficit with China. If you go to Walmart, almost every product sold there comes from China. Walmart is America's biggest retailer if I'm correct. The trend is the same at many other retailers around the country. So...

    • bew commented : I agree with K.Drake on the lack of visionary leaders in Thailand and K.Needchange on regulation. The problem isn't the regulation per se, but is the consistence of law enforement. The enforcement in environmental regulation at Map Ta Phut is stricted, while in the other area is very lax. The law enforcement is quite selective. Why China stays ahead of India & Mexico was a topic for discussion in my class yesterday. I've been to all these three countries. For Mexican case, higher cost of labour as a result of NAFTA and product quality as a result of poorly trained human resources and Mañana mentality are main factors. For Indian case, very poor quality in work and lack of time-conciousness probably owing to many religious festival in India. The high in English of Indian people doesn't guarantee product quality and punctuality. You can see difference in work quality between Indian & Chinese construction workers in Singapore. Investment in human resource is very important, but only leaders who have a strategic vision can see this. Let me predict the future of Thailand: 1.Low-skill Thai workers will lose their jobs forever. Only few of them go back to rice paddy field. 2.Thailand will have by both hi-tech & low-tech products from China forever. Owing to cost, Thailand can't compete with China for low-tech products. Owing to technological development, Thailand can't compete with China for hi-tech products. The advantage of China's economy of scale over Thailand's one will be a decisive factor. 3.Thailand will rely on tourism based on Art/Craft/Agricultural Cottage until this industry is insustainable. 4.Sex industry will prosper & last forever, as low-skilled female workers can't find any other jobs.

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