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    Choosing cheap Chinese Products over Thai jobs

    By needchange, Created on: 17/10/2010, Last updated on: 24/11/2015

    » Everyone knows the story of what has been happening in the US in terms of the trade deficit with China. If you go to Walmart, almost every product sold there comes from China. Walmart is America's biggest retailer if I'm correct. The trend is the same at many other retailers around the country. So...

    • drake commented : In the US news today - [i:2cqr971y]Solar company Solyndra to close factory, cut jobs[/i:2cqr971y] - [i:2cqr971y]All this despite a $535-million federal loan guarantee, more than $1 billion in private equity funds.... [/i:2cqr971y] - [i:2cqr971y]Competition from other solar panel makers is a major culprit. Manufacturers in China especially are offering hard-to-beat prices. [/i:2cqr971y]

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    PR news / Promotions / Events

    The Divas Charity Concert & The 9th Christmas Charity Light

    By prnews, Created on: 05/11/2010, Last updated on: 05/11/2010

    » [b:2yuuow15]The Divas Charity Concert & The 9th Christmas Charity Light Up Party[/b:2yuuow15] Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya will be holding The Divas Charity Concert to celebrate its 9th Christmas Charity Light Up Party on Saturday, 4 December 2010 at the Hall of Fame Ballroom. Being a non-profit event,...

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