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    An animated Byrd

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 06/11/2010

    » Soon Thailand’s most famous and successful pop star, Byrd, or Thongchai McIntyre, will also be a cartoon character.

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    You are what you eat

    Muse, Published on 06/11/2010

    » You may need to ask yourself some questions next time you buy a burger from a fast food chain. Photographer Sally Davies' photostream project, titled Davies Happy Meal Project, records the decomposition of a burger over the period of 180 days. First bought on April 10, the set has been sitting on her coffee table with nothing covering it. Davies reports absolutely no bugs, mould or smell on her meal. The only sign of time passing is the dust that is evident on the wrapper. Check out the beloved burger that refuses to decompose at


    Chatchawan describes his job

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 06/11/2010

    » This week you can read Chatchawan's story and hear his voice as he describes his job in America.

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