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    Keeping track of your wealth

    Database, Pee Kay, Published on 08/12/2010

    » There is a saying that "The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money". While such valuation may be difficult to measure, if you just want to measure and keep track of your monetary wealth, Splash Money from Splash Data certainly can help. In a nutshell, Splash Money lets you create accounts, enter transactions and review expense reports via both desktop and handheld devices. Creating an account is easy for Splash Money supports multiple account types, including checking, savings and credit cards. You can also create customised ones that suit your need.

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    Voice recording on the go

    Database, Pee Kay, Published on 25/08/2010

    » For a couple of years now, I've attended weekend sermons like a good Buddhist should do. As a good student, I'd wanted to record lessons preached by Pra Arjarn (the teaching monk) for later listening, which means I need to find a practical way to record what is taught in the temple. And so begins my search for the most practical and economical way to perform live voice recording.

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    Protecting your precious information

    Database, Pee Kay, Published on 21/07/2010

    » Nowadays, city dwellers, Internet surfers and office workers like us possess a lot of email accounts, web accounts, credit card accounts, ATM cards, office network accounts and whatnot that require us to remember account names, account numbers, passwords and PIN numbers. The fact that the numbers of these accounts are growing rapidly only make the situation worse.

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    An enhanced experience

    Database, Pee Kay, Published on 19/05/2010

    » I believe I'm one of the first in Thailand who were exposed to BlackBerry experience, back in 2006. Four years have passed and the landscape of smart phones in general and BlackBerry in particular has since changed dramatically. Gone are the days of ungainly BlackBerry handsets connected mainly to enterprise email servers.

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    A hot model - figuratively and literally

    Database, Pee Kay, Published on 17/03/2010

    » Lenovo ThinkPad's brand has always been associated with sturdy, well-built and tough-looking notebooks _ until now. The newly launched Lenovo ThinkPad X100e may very well be the cutest ThinkPad ever made. Roughly the size of a large netbook (the X100e's footprint occupies just about 85 percent of the dimensions of a piece of A4 paper) and weighing only about 1.5 kg., the matte black notebook has the same look and (almost the same) feel of other ThinkPads, down to the protruding battery at the back, only it is smaller and much lighter.

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    Encryption is so easy, there's really no reason not to do it

    Database, Pee Kay, Published on 07/04/2010

    » As technology allows large amounts of data to be easily carried around wherever we go, increasing one's risk of losing precious and sensitive information in the process, I encourage more and more people to employ data encryption on their notebooks, thumb drives and handheld devices. In mid-2005, I wrote about TrueCrypt, an excellent encryption software which I use daily.

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    One heck of a notebook

    Database, Pee Kay, Published on 03/02/2010

    » My interest in personal computers started almost 30 years ago, during the period of Apple II computer. If you are a creature of that era, you'd know that it's hard to forget Osborne 1, the first portable computer ever introduced by the industry. This marketing and technological marvel, featuring a mere 5-inch display, two floppy-disk drives, a 4 MHz Z80 microprocessor, and 64k of RAM, running on CP/M (a very popular operating system of the time), is a monster compared to today's notebooks. And I mention it because somehow Acer Aspire 5940G, the notebook reviewed today, reminds me of this luggable legend.

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