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    EU needs to develop fresh thinking to manage ties

    News, Mark Leonard, Published on 01/10/2016

    » People used to think that the most important decisions affecting Europe were made in Paris, Berlin or Brussels. But in recent months, as the European Union (EU) has confronted the refugee crisis, and the Syrian conflict that is fuelling it, Moscow and Ankara have come to the fore. And the EU is divided on how to deal with its two disgruntled neighbours, Russia and Turkey, both of which feel increasingly snubbed by the West.


    End of history and the last man standing

    News, Mark Leonard, Published on 31/05/2016

    » Much of modern geopolitics seems to be following the plot from Game of Thrones, with many countries under so much political and economic stress that their only hope is that their rivals collapse before they do. So their governments cling to power while exploiting rivals' internal weaknesses.

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