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    Practise makes perfect

    Life, Gerry Popplestone, Published on 23/04/2012

    » If you go down into the woods of Lumpini Park on any Sunday, you don't need to go in disguise _ but you'll be in for a big surprise (as the Teddy Bears Picnic song tells us), if you search out this shady corner of the park, where groups of drummers and buglers are rehearsing.

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    Meeting of Mindsets

    Life, Gerry Popplestone, Published on 30/01/2012

    » This young guy seemed surprised that I wanted to take his picture. It was Chinese New Year's Day and I, too, was surprised _ intrigued to find him hard at work and in Yaowarat of all places. I've no idea how many hours he has already put into the carving. It's an intricate piece of work, with elephants, foliage from the jungle and, of course, some fiery dragons! What struck me most, apart from the care he has lavished on the carving, was that he had no idea how valuable this kind of work can be. Nor how much talented woodcarvers like him would earn in the wealthier countries of the West.

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    Your Handyman

    Life, Gerry Popplestone, Published on 09/01/2012

    » I came across this cobbler in Thon Buri one day. He had probably been sitting there for ever, peering over the top of his glasses, waiting to appraise another worn out pair of shoes for a customer. This is the kind of helpful person we all like to come across when we have a down-at-heel pair of shoes we want him to rejuvenate, a pair that, perhaps, we should have thrown out years ago!

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