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    Brexit doesn't have to be a disaster

    News, Clive Crook, Published on 30/03/2017

    » As UK Prime Minister Theresa May starts the clock on Britain's departure from the European Union, there's no real question that the divorce is going to hurt both parties -- and the UK, to be sure, much more than the EU. But this isn't to say there's no upside. The right kind of deal will recognise these opportunities and try to make the most of them.


    America needs both nationalism and globalism

    News, Clive Crook, Published on 28/11/2016

    » Attaching labels to people is all the rage in the US. Current favourites include "nationalist" and "globalist". Those designations aren't much use -- and not just because people don't like being labelled. The bigger problem is that the categories aren't mutually exclusive. Moderate nationalist sentiment and outward-looking liberalism can overlap. In America, especially, to be partly nationalist and partly globalist comes naturally. It's what you'd expect of a nation of immigrants.


    How the European Union pushed Britain to leave

    News, Clive Crook, Published on 17/06/2016

    » So Britain might actually do it. With a week to go before the referendum on June 23, recent polls say the campaign to quit the EU is ahead. The government and its allies in the Stay campaign are alarmed.

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